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  1. Hi all> I will browse through this cool site soon, but until then I was hoping to get some quick advice...my plan is to convert my garage into a (as much as possible) soundproof for drums/loud mixing on Mackie HR824's! to not hit the neighbors :) & I live in a pretty good situation...closest neighbors are about 50 feet or so...

    stnd garage w/ 2x4's...1st layer of 1/2 "sheetrock 4-6" from wall/ceiling w/ insulation ...another 4-6" space & a 5/8's layer of sheetrock w/ insulation...cement floor ....

    so what tricks or additional things , (ridged insulation?) can I do ...any help appreciated...I'd like a room that can play drums 24 hrs & there is some noticeable street noise ...thanks 4 any help!! :c:
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    (e.g. 5/8" sheetrock + 1/2" sr + air + 3/8" sr + 5/8")

    For a garage design discussion:

    Read the FAQs, use the search function (try 'garage', 'room within a room', and 'triple leaf'), read as much as you can, and then come back with clear questions, and you'll find very helpful folks here.