How to cut 703 fiberglass??

Discussion in 'Studio Construction & Acoustics Forum' started by radioliver, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. radioliver

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    Simple question....but i don't know the answer...i want to cut the side of 2X4 rigid fiberglass to make it fit flush in do i cut it so precisely??
    thank you
  2. ironsheik

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    I just use a drywall T-square to get a straight square edge and a utility knife. Just be slow and careful

  3. jazzman_in_pa


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    Another way is with an electric carving knife. I picked one up on sale for something like $15, and it cuts "like buttah".

  4. im going to second the notion of using an electric knife. i got one at target for like $10. i cannot believe how amazing it works. it cuts precisely and perfectly every-time and there's little to no cleanup!
  5. Wes Lachot

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    Either a table saw or a skillsaw will cut the stuff and give you nice clean edges. You can even clamp a straight-edge to the 6 lb. (705) fiberglass.

  6. Thomas W. Bethel

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    Depending on the throat depth BAND SAWS work GREAT! They are what a local company uses for all there fiberglass cutting chores and they even had one build that was big enough to cut out the middle of a 4 by 8 foot piece of fiberglass. This company does a lot of custom fiberglass work for acoustical contractors and they have to make all kinds of non standard cuts to satisfy their clients.

  7. Sanity Inn

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    would using say the " E" or " A " string for guitar , turned into like a copeing saw work ???

    something like those wire cheese cutters accept can use the guitar strings windings like a saw ??

    just an idea ( i might try lol)