It works!

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  1. Oh my god! This is a monumental moment in the history of my DIYing experience...

    Today, I finished building my Calrec PQ1549 EQ from Jakob's site. My first ever completed DIY project. and you know what? It works!!!!!!!!! It smegging well works!! I can't believe it!

    [​IMG] *breaks into tears of joy* It really, really works!! I can't believe it! I just know I'm gonna wake up in a minute...


    ohh, thanks to everyone who helped out on this especially to cjenrick for helping me out with those caps. Now I gotta get back to work on my 1176! =)
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  2. gyraf

    gyraf Guest

    Congratulations! That is good news! you know why this work is so addictive..

    seeya in the 1176-thread,


    Jakob E.
  3. Guest

    Hey Nat,

    cangratulation...uuuhhh..I know that feeling so well..I`m a "newnie" myself...!!!

    Good luck

    Kind regards

  4. Mark Burnley

    Mark Burnley Guest


    That's great news!

    It's a real buzz getting things going....and then you want more , and then you can't sleep coz there's a million schematics swirling round ya head and then....

    But as Kev says,

    "Happy happy DIY" :D


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  5. Congrats Nat.

    The 833s arrived this morning for mine ;)
  6. kent

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    Good job, Nat.

    Do you feel the love?

  7. Kev

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    Congratulations Master Nat.
    We haven't been so happy since we did the washing last week.
    Vindaloo or curry anyone.

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  8. Good man!

    You hooked yet?

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  9. cjenrick

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    Way to go Nat! And thanks for the props!