Sennheiser e935 e945 vs e835 e845

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Gear' started by tomleblanc, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. tomleblanc

    tomleblanc Guest

    Does anyone have any experience with or know anything about the Sennheiser e900 series of dynamic mics? I've been able to find lots of into about the e800 series, but nothing about the 900 mics.

    Unfortunately the search function isn't working for me right now, but given the lack of info on every other board I've tried I imagine there probably hasn't been a detailed discussion on it here either. All I've been able to gather is that the newer 900 series is somewhat analagous to the Shure beta series in comparison to the "standard" SM-57 and 58. Thanks! :)
  2. tomleblanc

    tomleblanc Guest

    no one has used these mics????? :(
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