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    Hello guys,

    Let me introduce myself first. My name is Nihal and I am new to this website. I currently have my own recording studio at home.

    Let me explain what I have. I started in 2003 with basic mixer and I wasn't serious at all with recording good quality stuff. I was just amature back then. I eventually got extra stuff and started to make music on the computer, just for fun, and believe that I could make professional music back then.

    Here is what I have in my studio:

    The same Mixer I had in 2003, it is a Behringer Eurorack 20 (I forget the model number since I'm not home), but its a 4 mic in mixer, which was about 200 dollars, I think.

    I have 2 AKG D 8000 S Microphones which go into the mixer.

    From the mixer, the main out goes into my audio recording computer, which has a Delta 1010LT Sound Card.

    All audio processing and mixing is done on my main computer system.

    Now, I am serious with recording and producing a song, so I want my vocals to sound good and not amature. I basically want and need professional audio equipment for recording vocals and maybe guitar. I can record one at a time, multiple channels are not required, since this isn't a big band, this is just myself.

    What equipment do I need?

    Should I buy 3,000 dollars worth of equipment? I currently have a budget of 800 dollars and now that I have a small job, I could go higher.

    What do you guys think? Thanks for your help.
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    The best investment would be to practice w/ what you have and take that money and go to a real studio. You can get a lot out of a song or two for $800+ these days.

    Or, spend half that on the studio and get yourself a beginner's setup to practice on.
    $200 2ch interface, and headphones $200, and you can still use the mics you have.

    Third scenario would be to skip the studio, and get the full $3,000 worth of gear. I can't comment on this, but I'd imagine you can get a nice 2-channel recording/mixing setup for that amount.

    The answer lies in this question:
    What do you want more - have a great recording of song of your own now, or LEARNING to record your own stuff and make it great, in time?
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    Apr 3, 2010
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    Hey guys,

    Thank you for your replies. I might consider a recording studio, but I would like to ask this question first.

    Buy ART Voice Channel Tube Mic Preamp | Microphone Preamps | Channel Strips | Musician's Friend

    Buy AKG Perception 420 Condenser Microphone | Condenser Microphones | Musician's Friend

    ^ Are these good replacements for recording my vocals? What else do I need and what cables and stuff do I need as well? Can I connect the Pre Amp to my mixer for Monitoring as well as connect this to my Delta 1010 LT Recording computer? What wires do I need and what cabling do I need to connect this condencer Mic to the Pre Amp?

    What are your thoughts? Should I spend a little more and get a 600 dollar mic such as this?

    Buy Neumann TLM 102 Condenser Microphone | Condenser Microphones | Musician's Friend

    or this

    Buy MXL MXL Genesis Studio Tube Condenser Microphone | Condenser Microphones | Musician's Friend

    When I get this stuff, will this replace the need for me to record in a recording studio?
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    Apr 3, 2010
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    I found out that studios are 45-50 dollars an hour and I only want to record vocals for 2 songs I wrote. I already bought a prosumer package with an MXL 990 and I'll just practice the recording pattern at home and then go to the real recording studio to record the real thing.