1176 plug in?

Discussion in 'Tracking / Mixing / Editing' started by jccrtv, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. jccrtv

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    Is there an 1176 plug in that works in either Sound Forge (for PC) or Bias Peak (for Mac)? I love the Bombfactory 1176 plugin that Digidesign owns but that seems to only work in Protools.
  2. chrispick

    chrispick Guest

    The UAD-1 1176. Most authentic '76 plug-in I've heard. It requires the UAD-1 card however. Well worth the investment though.

    Anyway, it's VST and AU so it'll work with Sound Forge and Peak.
  3. jccrtv

    jccrtv Guest

    How about for a laptop?

    Thank you Chris. I'm still looking for an 1176 plugin for a laptop. Trying to travel light and don't want to lug a breakout box for the PCI card. Hoping to find an 1176 plugin for a laptop that is 100% software.
  4. chrispick

    chrispick Guest

    Oh, PSP MixPack from PSP Audioware has an 1176 setting in their MixPressor module. I wouldn't say it sounds like a real 1176 (the again, neither does the Bomb Factory version), but it has its own cool vibe and can be fast in a FET comp way. Could be suitable for mobile recording/mixing.


    It's VST, AU and DirectX compatible.

    Another comp would checking is WaveArts' TrackPlug. Very versatile, low-CPU and comparably inexpensive. Not really an 1176 emulator; more of a comp of all trades.

  5. jccrtv

    jccrtv Guest

    Thank you!

    I'm going to check them out now. Thank you Chris.

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