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$30,000 Gear Budget-Will The Pro's Take me Serious?

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by MrPhaSe, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. MrPhaSe

    MrPhaSe Active Member

    OLD Gear List:
    -Console- Digidesign C|24-$9000
    -Mic- (Thinking Neumann)-$2000
    -Monitors-(Thinking Dynaudio) -$1000
    -Preamp- Digidesign PRE- $2000
    -Interface-(Thinking Apogee) -$2500
    -Computer- Mac Pro- $3000
    -Desk- Sound Construction C|24 Desk- $3000 http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/SWC24S1-2/
    -Cables-(Straight Mogami!)-$1000
    -Foam-(Straight Auralex)- $1,500

    NEW Gear List:
    Digidesign C|24 - $8,000
    Mic - $2,000
    Monitors - $1,000
    Digidesign Interface - $2,000
    Desk - $3,000
    Mogami Cables - $600
    Auralex acoustic treatment - $1,000
    Computer - $2,000
    headphones, Stand, Pop Filter, Chair etc- $400

    Now thats $20,000.. More sensible eh..

    One of my main concerns is the console that i chose... Because I'm not dropping $40,000 on a SSL board or a Neve.. Because honestly, I don't feel i really need one.
    Do you think it will be a turn off for musicians who are used to recording in the studios with the million-fader consoles?
    I'm confident in my sound regardless, I'm positive nothing but grade-A quality bangers will come out of my lab.
  2. Space

    Space Well-Known Member

    I'm not one of the Pros, I'm one of the con's.

    Why would you get a board with pre's and then spend xtra money on more of the same type pre's?

    Also, a grand for cables? 3K for a desk? You rob a bank? This is, ah, no wait, let's see, stu...no, not it, um, foo, no, fiscally retrograde?
  3. MrPhaSe

    MrPhaSe Active Member

    Aha.. Looking back a G for cables is a lil crazy lol..
    But yeah, 3k for a desk bro.
    Thanks for the feed though, thats exactly what i needed.. see now i'm rethinking my budget and where i should spend the money..

    And na i didnt rob a bank.. Let's just say i've been saving a while to finally open up the studio i've been dreaming of
  4. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Well-Known Member

    It sounds like you're getting all of your bar mitzvah money together?

    Just like the previous poster said, you've already got 16 unremarkable microphone preamps in your new Digi designed control surface. So instead of purchasing more of the same, get yourself a few esoteric microphone preamps that will actually sound like something. Something better than the watered-down neutered sound of those 16 you already have.

    You understand this is not your last purchase? This is only the beginning.

    It's a sickness I tell you... A sickness
    Ms. Remy Ann David
  5. MrPhaSe

    MrPhaSe Active Member

    No Joke,
    I've been recording at my house for like 3 years... Haven't stopped buying and dreaming of equipment since.

    I just threw that budget together on the spot btw.. I'm changing up some of the decisions as I type..

    Any more constructive criticism?


    And black people DON'T have barmitzphas
  6. MrPhaSe

    MrPhaSe Active Member

    updated the gear list
  7. Greener

    Greener Guest

    Just to follow on...

    $3000 for a desk...

    And only $2000 for the microphone...

    So holding your paper off the floor at a comfortable height to write apon is worth 30% more than what you record through?

    Can I get the specs on this desk?
  8. antoniosolo

    antoniosolo Guest

    Pay a rap star 20k to appear on a single...pay a composer 3k for a bomb rap beat...pay a video guy 3k to capture a homemade video and pay 2k for a website to sell ringtones and single downloads and invest your windfall on an appropriate studio with api or neve desk and hd3 in a house you pay cash for...oh, and start a label as well..... You owe me for this consultation!
  9. antoniosolo

    antoniosolo Guest

    or ssl....my bad!
  10. MrPhaSe

    MrPhaSe Active Member


    thats the infamous $3000 desk
  11. antoniosolo

    antoniosolo Guest

    believe in a project and invest...risk-takers are the big winners...studios are closing these days....
  12. MrPhaSe

    MrPhaSe Active Member

    I'm glad...more business for me :lol:

    i was looking at this desk too

  13. Greener

    Greener Guest

    I knew it, mahogany upgrades.
    I used to sell furniture. I'm laughing.
  14. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Well-Known Member

    Sammy Davis Jr. had a bar mitzvah. What you talking about?

    Bar mitzvah party girl
    Ms. Remy Ann David
  15. EricWatkins

    EricWatkins Active Member

    Here's a home made desk for around $700

  16. TopherNeverDies

    TopherNeverDies Active Member

    Anywhere you can save money is a good idea. I'd skip the fancy desk for now and make your own or buy a cheap one. Also you should probably state what kind of music you are planning on doing. 2000 dollars for mics isn't very much and Remy is right about the preamps. It's nice to have different kinds of paint and paint brushes to make masterpieces with.

  17. MrPhaSe

    MrPhaSe Active Member

    I'll be recording and producing mostly rnb but I won't turn anyone away
  18. TopherNeverDies

    TopherNeverDies Active Member

    You may want to consider increasing the budget for your microphones then. Unless you already have a good selection. Then again I'm just a mic whore but it's nice to have different options. Especially if you'll be doing a broad range of music and having all kinds of instruments and sources.

  19. sshack

    sshack Active Member

    You stole my thunder...that's EXACTLY what I was thinking. Maybe Lenny Kravitz?
  20. AudioGeezer

    AudioGeezer Active Member

    Who cares if "pros' take you seriously. Finding anyone with a dime to spend on what you're selling is the hard part.

    I wouldn't think of what you're doing as an investment. I'd think of it more as a commitment. Money spent on good mics, pres, and OBG is fairly safe. Money spent on any new Digidesign or other DAW parts has got to return by selling time rather quickly.

    Even now the stock market is probably a safer place for your 20-30K.

    Only do it if you can't do anything else.

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