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4-8 Channel quality mic pre's?

Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by innerbooty, Feb 14, 2003.

  1. innerbooty

    innerbooty Guest

    Thinking about buying a nice 4-8 channel mic pre to supplement my two APIs, and soon to be 2 channels of Vintech (I think anyway...)
    Anyone have any thoughts on the TL Audio Ivory series? The new 4 channel tube pre?
    Thanks! - Steve
  2. SeventhCircle

    SeventhCircle Active Member

    Forgive the shameless self-promotion, but you can get 1 to 8 channels of Neve clone here: SCA N72

  3. Sebatron

    Sebatron Well-Known Member

    Oh my god...neve copies everywhere
    .....the guy's already got API

    sorry,i'm a bit moody today :eek: i have to do this

    check out the Sebatron vmp-4000e Quad valve mic pre, it's a totally original circuit that sounds extremely organic
  4. Katiedawg

    Katiedawg Active Member

    Look here:


    I just bought one...holy crap! It's wonderful! I already had the two channel MA2.2 unit. This is just up to nine channels of that. Buy it as a four channel, and and modules as you need.
  5. Recording Engineer

    Recording Engineer Active Member

    Well, I just think you just have to decide if you want 4-8 channels of Neve-type transformer Class A color, tube color, transformerless Class A color, or transparent/colorless type.

    Whichever you decide, those mentioned above, along with the DaviSound TB-6 http://www.davisound.com , will cover you needs for a great 4-8 channel preamp in the same class as (insert expensive brand of your choice here) at a price where you'll still have enough leftover to buy your significant other some flowers...
  6. Roly

    Roly Guest

    Please tell us about the Davisound unit.
    thanks Roly
  7. Recording Engineer

    Recording Engineer Active Member

    Well... What would you like to know?

    The "Mic-All" pre, used in the TB-3, TB-6, & TB-10, is certainly one of the most (possibly most?) natural, colorless, transparent preamps; and NOT "for the money", though the prices are certainly the icing! And headroom for days! About +32dBV... And NO change in "sound" (or the lack thereof)! It was designed with drums in mind...

    Ever try putting a Neumann 103 on a snare about 1" or so in and 3-4" above with NO pad? The "Mic-All" pres handle it no sweat! The current OSA preamps have about that too! The new RNP comes in just under at almost +28!

    Here's one snare hit sample of that through a "Mic-All" in my TB-3, just for fun. It's a 24-bit, 48k WAV:

    What else do ya want to know?
  8. innerbooty

    innerbooty Guest

    Thanks for the info. Anyone have any thoughts on the TL Audio 4-channel tube pre I mentioned aboved...?
  9. Bobby Loux

    Bobby Loux Active Member

    Is the +28 of the RNP considered good, decent, or just ok!..is it in the upper class as far as headroom goes?

  10. Recording Engineer

    Recording Engineer Active Member

    It's certainly very respectable! Avalon says "+36dB" for their AD2022 and "+30dB" for their others!!! Joe Meek says "+30dB" Mackie's XDR preamp in the VLZ PRO boards has +22dBu. That's "OK"... Mackie's 8-Bus pres, their original VLZ pres, and the Soundcraft's "ProMic" preamp in the Ghost only have +14dBu! Poop poor! Even worse? Most Behringer console preamps only handle up to +12dBu. In fact, I think all but 1 of their outboard preamps only handles +10dBu!!!
  11. Sebatron

    Sebatron Well-Known Member

    what about the sound of the instrument?
    is it an instrument or a power amp?
  12. EdWray

    EdWray Active Member

    If you're into DIY you can get the mic-all modules separately from Davisound and build your own.
  13. Recording Engineer

    Recording Engineer Active Member

    Well, I simply answered what was asked, as the question IS important. As for "sound", the DaviSound "Mic-All" preamps is a "lack thereof" type.
  14. RecorderMan

    RecorderMan Distinguished Member

    If I had a pair of API's and a pair of Neves (clone or otherwise) and I wanted 4-8 pre's...I'd check out Hardy M1's....absolutely great pre's that come our to a row (2space's high).
  15. Rader Ranch

    Rader Ranch Member

    forget the TL Audio Ivory's,,,,chances are good you'd be disappointed comparing them to the API or Vintech's.

    no, wait! i meant to say the Ivory series rocks!!!! as a matter of fact, i have a 5001 4ch. unit sitting right here that i could probably be talked into parting with... :d: ...seriously, it's a step above a Mackie, but that's about it...
  16. jazzgitter

    jazzgitter Guest

    Katiedawg , you mentioned the 4+ channel Buzz pre. Any idea on price and sound compared to the MA2.2?
  17. Bobby Loux

    Bobby Loux Active Member

    Recording Engineer,

    thank you for responding I appreciate the info as it is an important element to consider...would you happen to know what the headroom ratio is for the HHb Radius 40 tube voice processor?

    I'm not sure what that is listed under in the spec sheet..

  18. Katiedawg

    Katiedawg Active Member

    It's a rack that holds individual modules that are basically MA2.2 channels. These modules have a beefier balanced output stage, but it sounds the same as the MA2.2 preamp (I have one of those, too, so I know what it sounds like). I love it!

    You can buy it without getting all the modules, which is what I did. I'll be adding more modules over the next few months. Contact Tim at Buzz Audio for pricing.
  19. Recording Engineer

    Recording Engineer Active Member

    The spec. you're looking for is "Max. Input". I went to look, but nothing is revealed. It says +26dBu for the Max. Input for the balanced line input, but nothing on the mic input. I've never used an HHB or TLAudio pre, so I couldn't even guess.

    P.S. It should be noted that BOTH the Joe Meek and Avalon preamps have -20dB pads... More than likely, their Max. Input spec. is the result of the -20dB pad engaged...

    Neither the DaviSound Mic-All preamp or the FMR Audio RNP use a pad.
  20. salvator

    salvator Guest


    I'll second on the neve 1272 clone by Seven Circle Audio.

    It's an 2 U box wich allow up to 8 channel.
    I bought a version with 2 channel loaded for under 1000$.

    My first test was with a M149 mic from Neumann, against an Avalon 737sp and a Amek 9098 pre. Male and female vocal.

    The N72 was clearly the best sounding one.
    Thick, big and ironish. Not as transparent as the avalon but way more pleasant. More a "recorded sound", and it rocks on almost everything !

    Now it's my main preamp. The next one will be the SLAM or DCAS!

    For that price, you can't go wrong. I worth a try !

    Best Regards,

    Residential Recording Studios

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