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$469 Dell Deal today

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Tommy P., Mar 20, 2003.

  1. Tommy P.

    Tommy P. Well-Known Member

    $469 bucks deal ends today.

    Pentium-4 2.53GHz, 128MB DDR, Dell KB/Mouse, XP Home, 60GB, 48x CDROM, 32MB Rage Video, Integrated Audio, 10/100 NIC, 1-yr Warr.
    I've actually seen slightly better deals, but if someone needs one now...

    I took this from http://www.bensbargains.net/

    Expiring today. Choose >Desktops >Dimension >Dimension 4550 Featured Systems >Customize $499 system: Free 60GB Upgrade, Your total is then $599 - 5% coupon 6687583F8226 [Exp 3/26] - $100 rebate [Exp 3/26] = $469 with free shipping.

    Gary is this a good starting platform for a DAW?
  2. Tommy P.

    Tommy P. Well-Known Member

  3. Michael Scott

    Michael Scott Active Member

    Dude, you're gett'n a DELL! :s:
  4. Pez

    Pez Active Member

    Put a gig of DDR ram in there and an extra hard drive and you're good to go assuming there's no strange configuration in there that would screw up your audio. It might be good to reformat the hard drive and start from scratch. It won't be as easy to upgrade as a home made computer but at those prices you could just buy a new one every year!
  5. walter

    walter Guest

    It's not the way to go cause it comes pre-loaded with so much crapola you'll spend the rest of your living days trying to get rid of the popups that appear in the middle of your best takes.

    You also don't want to be on tech support with Dell while your clients or friends are waiting around to record.

    So if you're gonna take the plunge and be a PC musician, build your own so you know what's in there and can troubleshoot it yourself.
  6. Tommy P.

    Tommy P. Well-Known Member

    Hey dudes, I'm not getting one yet! I am the proud owner of an original "co-designed at RO " homebuilt ANUS :cool: I may pick up an extra pre-built comp eventually though, from Dell or wherever.

    This deal is over, but there's always new ones. You couldn't buy these parts and an OS license for even close to 469usd. Last 11/02 there was an even better deal with a burner,DVD, and 15" LCD, thrown in for under 600usd.

    If no one objects, I'll post them as I see them. I love building comps, but I recognize there'll be lots of people visiting RO that would appreciate a heads up on deals for a DAW or just to have an extra comp.

    This one was good because of the larger case, and extra goodies.

    BTW, Walter, if you format the hard drive and install only what you require, there shouldn't be any pop-up ads!

    Tommy P.
  7. walter

    walter Guest

    Yeah, but don't you void your warranty by getting rid of their "Fail Safe" routines?

    If not, then you've got a good point about reformatting the drive.

    But it's still not flying jets.
  8. Blutone

    Blutone Guest

    That's a great idea Tommy. Why not start a thread called "Deals" or something like it. I would, but I don't have any deals to post about, lol.
  9. Pez

    Pez Active Member

    A lot of us (myself included) have built their own pcs. It's easy to get elitist and insist it's the only way to go. If you want to go the prebuilt route then I would suggest checking out RME's site for examples of computer systems that seem to be working well for a majority of users with digital audio as there are some problems with certain systems. If you build your own computer you're going to have to install the operating system and programs anyway. It's not any harder to reformat a prebuilt system and start from scratch as well. If I got one I would first try loading up the software with the system as is and see if it works. I've got an old Dell at home that works fine without any tweeking whatsoever.
  10. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Buy it for the processor, memory and any other component you might want to keep...throw out the motherboard and just rebuild it from there!

    I thought about doing that myself as it would be extremely cheap! Now only if they were doing that with the 3.06Ghz CPU's!!! lol

    Opus :D
  11. Michael Scott

    Michael Scott Active Member

    Yeh, I would jump on it if they did. Hell, the 3.06 w/ht alone up here goes for $980.00cdn, as much as that dell cost. I would still tear it apart like you said Opus and salvage the parts, throw in a new mobo. I just like "rolling my own" so to speak. :c:
  12. walter

    walter Guest

    I think it comes down to common sense: if you're dabbling or on a budget, sure, buy something like the Dell and swap the mobo; if you're going to charge other people for services your PC provides, then you owe it to yourself and your clients to buy the best and build a no-compromise rig.
  13. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    I couldn't have said it better myself!
    Cheers :D

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