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701 fiberglass panels available

Discussion in 'Recording' started by quixzika, Mar 26, 2002.

  1. quixzika

    quixzika Guest

    I just located some 701 fiberglass for sound control. Cost- about $1.60 for a 2'x4'x1.5" piece :D . As far as I know, thats a great price. BUT: He'll only sell it in a pack of 30 :roll: ))

    They also have the rigid tubes of figerglass- 10"- $2.54/L.F. and 14"- $3.35/L.F. (like an ASC Tube Trap) Easy to make your own traps and treatments. This is a great find for anyone in the area. I figure I can drive 100miles and you can drive 100 miles.

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