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8 more inputs for digi 002r

Discussion in 'Recording' started by jcnichols, Mar 7, 2008.

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  1. jcnichols

    jcnichols Guest

    looking for something to get 8 more inputs ADAT for the digi 002R ive been looking at the motu 8 pre thats what a couple guys ive talked to told me to get but i dont know about droppin 600 if i dont have to any advice?
  2. vander

    vander Guest

    Oh boy. Here we go. I haven't used any MOTU stuff at all -- let me tell you that up front. After doing a quick search and comparing the 8 Pre to what I have, I'd probably go with what I have, which is probably why I bought it in the first place, so I'm what they call 'biased'.

    OK, I have a PreSonus DigiMAX FS. Remember that we are discussing budget gear here, and though I'd call $600 a chunk of change, others would say that $600 isn't fit to spend upon a single preamp, let alone eight. That's fine.

    The obvious differences I see are more features in the MOTU, and that gives me the impression they must have skimped elsewhere. For example, why do you need metering for an ADAT connection? I say skip it and stick to your software meters in Pro Tools LE. Maybe that's just me. (People tend to like things that light up.)

    I also like the word clock on the PreSonus and I use it as my master clock (I'm also running a Focusrite Voicemaster PP+ in through the S/PDIF input), which keeps everything in sync. The 002r doesn't offer a coax word clock input/output, so your mileage may vary. I used to sync via ADAT to my 002r and then coax between the PreSonus and the Focusrite. Now, with the 003r, I just do everything coax.

    Hope this helps! (Or at least makes you ask more questions.) The bottom line is you should get the best you can afford and yet can reasonably hope to utilize within your current system and abilities.

  3. jcnichols

    jcnichols Guest

    yea ive been in and out of the digimax fs and motu 8 pre see i sarted of with cubase and the firestudio and was going to expand and get the digimax fs but decided i like pro tools better than cubase and went for an 002R for the discount price lol but the firestudio wont work going ADAT unless im doing something terribly wrong on the connections lol
  4. vander

    vander Guest

    Could be that you are doing something wrong. In what way does your Firestudio not work? You should use a Toslink connection and configure the 002r to be the word clock slave via ADAT, then make sure your Firestudio is set to be the master clock at the correct sample rate.
  5. BobRogers

    BobRogers Well-Known Member

    I have a 22 year old son with Cerebral Palsy and other serious midline birth defects. When I fail to get on his case he writes like you. Of course, he has the excuse that he finds it physically difficult to hold down the shift key and type another letter. What's your excuse?

    Vander has been very polite in taking the extra effort necessary to read your gibberish. Perhaps with his help you will learn to use the toys that Mommy and Daddy have bought for you.
  6. jcnichols

    jcnichols Guest

    so i type fast and am new to this whole recording world mommy and daddy bought me nothing and dont talk to them anymore either dad walked out and moms a maid but whats your excuse for being an asshole?
  7. jcnichols

    jcnichols Guest

    and thanks vander for the help
  8. BobRogers

    BobRogers Well-Known Member

    So, let me get this right. Your "explanation" of why you write without capitalization and punctuation is that you type fast. So basically you are bragging that it isn't worth the few seconds it would take to write understandable sentences - even when you are asking for help. Your time must be awfully valuable. It's clear that you consider it more valuable than mine. If you have any more questions (and I'm sure you will - your time is too valuable to read the manual) feel free to ask. I'll feel free to respond as before. Don't need any more excuse than the lack of respect you show by the way you put your questions.
  9. jcnichols

    jcnichols Guest

    Since when does writing without capitalization and punctuation mean that i don't read and i have no respect for anyone. I'm sure Vander wasn't offended because i didn't capitalize anything. So don't judge someone because of the way they type, and tell me that i don't have respect for anyone.
  10. BobRogers

    BobRogers Well-Known Member

    Since somewhere around the 18th century when literacy became widespread. Of course, back then it was more often a sign of ignorance or lack of intelligence. But writing like you do is (and has been) clear a sign of discourtesy and dismissal. It is a clear signal that the person writing the message doesn't care about the person reading it. Bosses can get away with it with employees, but not the other way around.
    I have judged you, or to be more exact, I have judged your post. It was an act of disrespect to everyone reading it. People are free to ignore the insult if they wish. Perhaps there are other areas of your life where treat people with courtesy. You might want to continue that behavior here.
  11. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    Your lack of respect was shown by your choice of language.

    Your further lack of respect is shown by your inability to properly convey that language.

    Furthermore, your lack of respect is shown by your inability to see that improperly communicating makes it difficult for people to read and understand you and thus demonstrates the point quite decidedly that you could care less about what other people have to deal with as long as you save yourself a good 4 seconds typing by not having to use an F'ing shift key or comma or period.

    Additionally, your lack of respect is put on display for the whole world by not taking the time to RTFM and instead, wasting individuals' time here by posting about things that should clearly be laid out in such manuals.

    All that being said - I had no intention of reading your post whatsoever for the simple reason that I couldn't understand what you were saying due to your lack of punctuation.

    It was only because I saw that Bob replied that I even re-opened this topic.

    Now I'm not interested in replying to your post, just interested in lighting you up a little bit. You see, it's not nice to come around here and refer to individuals as @$$-holes especially when they have been regular, contributing members of this community for a far longer time than you.

    Perhaps you should take some time and get reaquainted with your keyboard and your grammar text book and then of course your gears' manuals and then rejoin us with intelligible conversation.

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