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808 Sound with Deep Bass Lines?

Discussion in 'Bass' started by layitdown, Jun 17, 2004.

  1. layitdown

    layitdown Guest

    I am looking for something that can give me that 808 sound with heavy bass lines, any suggestions?
  2. anodized

    anodized Guest

    Moog Minimoog.
  3. daniel_c

    daniel_c Guest

    Er... do you mean 303? The Roland TR-808 is a dum machine. Novation Bass Staion and A Station are pretty cool.
  4. no he means 808. and 808 kick, ala lil john, 3 6 mafia, south music!!!
    i design most of my 808's with mpc2000xl's or roland mv8000's.. sometimes my triton.

    the 808 is a well know kick over hiphop and r&b music. the original sounds yes came from the roland tr-808 drum machine
  5. boheme6

    boheme6 Guest

    believe it or not - I nailed an 808 kick with a K2000... used to use it on all kinds of hip-hop guys who I recorded.. they loved it.
  6. anodized

    anodized Guest

    808 sound?

    Well, 808 samples. No brainer.
  7. layitdown

    layitdown Guest

    to c9productions

    how do you go abt using the triton., i have the studio workstation but i cant get that get low bass track. please describe to me your steps.
  8. anodized

    anodized Guest

  9. i also have a triton studi. design your own dums kits, simple as that. go through and edit the decay, tuning etc.. its not hard to do.. just open up the manual. right now i have my partners motif es over here.. once we trade back later this week if you haven't built a kit i'll walk you through it but its real simple. the really easy way is to load up some akai mpc samples and edit them.
    i'm about to add a fantom-X(Fu*kin awesome board) and a a roland mv-8000 to my production rig
  10. dabmeister music

    dabmeister music Active Member

    I've used a Roland R-8 w/ the "Dance" rom-card or the MPC4000 which has a awesome internal sound library already loaded and ready to go.
  11. jst0rm0110

    jst0rm0110 Guest

    no mention of a jomox xbase09? The kick is all analog and can get really soft like a 808 kick but also harder like a 909. Very thick sound with a release like 2 seconds or more in length at max. 2 lfos to add more subtle shaping to the kick help and the sequencer rocks. Compared to some of this other gear its a afterthought at around $500 used.

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