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Discussion in 'Recording' started by capitancarajo, Dec 10, 2001.

  1. Does someone use DP on a portable setup like this (828+iBook)? Would you recommend it? Also, is somebody using VST plugs within DP?


  2. chris lannon

    chris lannon Guest

    I had that combo with some recent clients..worked quite well.
    On what basis would I recommend it?

    well..here's your basic tracks..go find an abondoned barn and don't come back till you have some gtr tracks


    here's 5 takes of yer lead vocal..go home and edit me up your masterpiece


    here's a few mic's and pre's..the string section will be at the church at 9..make sure they tune up..we'll merge it into the mix later.

    as a stand alone it has obvious limits and yet remains powerful..Kinda like having a 24 bit 8 input 24 track portable DAT recorder..

  3. bifocal

    bifocal Guest

    re: VST
    i'm using VST plugins through the pluggo wrapper

    it works quite well.
  4. Hi, thanks for answering. Yet another question: Have you tried Nuendo on a Mac and compared it with DP? I used to work with Nuendo on a PC but now I have this iBook and would love to use some VST instruments. A wrapper would do the job with DP? Are there some other possibilities on DP for virtual instruments?



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