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88.2khz + 108SNratio *or* 44.1khz + 116SNratio

Discussion in 'Recording' started by taylor, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. taylor

    taylor Guest

    i currently mix all of my music ITB @ 44.1khz / 24bit in digital performer. (please no flame wars aboout ITB).

    i'm interested in bouncing my tracks down at 88.2 so when i take them into Peak for final "mastering" i can use my plugs (UAD, sony oxford, URS) at a higher sampling rate.. and then save back down to 44.1, 16bit (pow-r 3 dithering) for CD.

    the problem is, my audio interface, MOTU 1224, only goes to 48khz. because it uses MOTU's 424 PCI card, i could easily buy a 2408 MK III rack which goes to 88.2khz.

    but.. the SN ratio of t he 1224 is better.. 116.. vs. the 2408 which is 108...

    so my question is.. do the benefits of final plug in work at the higher sampling rate outweigh using an interface with a inferior SN ratio? maybe it doesn't matter, since i'm mixing ITB....?

    and, yes, i could get an entirely different audio system.. (more expensive MOTU, RME, etc).. but, getting the 2408 is very inexpensive and works already with my 424 PCI card... so i'm investigating this option.

    so... is there a huge benefit to mastering at higher sampling rates... 88.2/24bit vs. 44.1/24bit?

    thanks for your time
  2. David French

    David French Well-Known Member

    None of this matters becuase the limitations of your soundcard only come into play during recording and playback. We are talking about files here which are independent of your hardware. As for the benefits of upsamling for mastering, check with the very knowledegable guys up in the mastering forum.
  3. taylor

    taylor Guest

    thanks for the reply.. yeah, i've done a lot of reading about 88.2 and, of course, hear 2 sides to the story..

    most of my work is generated electronically (soft synths, kyma) but on occasion i do record acoustic and electric guitar, as well as mic'ed instruments... so i guess the SN ratio would come into play there..

    but is there REALLY that much difference between 108 and 116?

  4. David French

    David French Well-Known Member

    You'll never notice this.

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