8dio opinion review and learning to use sound plug ins better

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  1. bookwrm

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    I recently purchased quite a few plug ins made by 8dio
    their sounds are truly great but the functionality and tech
    support are awful. Anyone thinking about buying their
    products Probably ought to know that.

    I am definitely not bad mouthing the products as the sounds are
    truly amazing, and that's what you buy them for. Just be ready
    to spend a lot of time tinkering and developing work arounds to
    use them.

    With that being said, one thing I've noted that a lot
    of plug in videos show is that they load the plug in multiple
    Times in the DAW and as close as I an determine assign
    keyboard keys as switches to navigate between the sounds.
    perhaps this is admitting my own stupidity, but I've never
    done that and am curios if that's a common process that a
    lot of people use. If the answer is yes does your DAW experience
    memory overloads because of it.
  2. pcrecord

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    Usually 'sound plugins', I'd rather call them virtual instruments are either loaded in the DAW or opened as stand alone software. Once in the DAW which what you seem to try to accomplish they stand has a midi/sampler software. This meens that they need a midi track on which you are gonna record midi notes (instructions to play notes). This midi track will be output to the virtual instrument midi input and will act as if it was your fingers playing on a keyboard. Once you have the perfect track they must be rendered as audio track to be included in the final exportation of your project.

    I can't go in specifics cause I don't use protools.. But I'm pretty sure Protools manual will explain how to use VSTi (virtual instruments)

    Or a protool users will shine in to explain that part.. ;)
  3. bookwrm

    bookwrm Active Member

    Let's try this again

    After reading yiur response I am not sure I was clear enough about the answer I was seeking. I am quite clear about how midi works. However what I see in plug in videos made by manufacturers (specifically 8dio in this case) is that they load several instances of the program. So they scroll down in Kontakt and there you can see 3 or more instances of the program open. Another example is Vienna symphonic library where they appear to load several instances of the program (plug in) on one midi track. You appear to be able to do this in Kontakt, play (EWQL) to name a few. I have done this on more than one midi track but really I always delete one track, quantize it then copy it to the second track which is the same thing done a different way. However what they appear to be doing that is different is that they seem to assign a keyboard key as a midi controller that can change to a different articulation in another instance within a phrase. So for example they would play a string line from say a straight note to a vibrato note to end the phrase. I had never done that and wondered how it worked
  4. pcrecord

    pcrecord Don't you want the best recording like I do ? Well-Known Member

    Oh sorry.. yes, many vsti have combine patches. They use some midi notes to change the sound that is been called by the rest of the midi notes,..
    To be clearer, lets say you have a keyboard controler.. the far right notes might be assign to different sound articulation or bow speed or tremolo. you play on the rest of the notes and when you hit one of those, it does not play any notes it just changes the sound of the others.
  5. bookwrm

    bookwrm Active Member

    Excellent....thanks for your response. The Vienna symphonic library appear to switch articulations
    automatically. Now all I need is $3463727364 and were all set...;)
  6. pcrecord

    pcrecord Don't you want the best recording like I do ? Well-Known Member

    $3 463 727 364 would be too much !!! You may loose interest in a home studio very soon if you have that kind of money !! ;)

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