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8dio releases Deep-Sampled Legacy Grand Piano for Kontakt

Discussion in 'Virtual Instruments and Effects' started by 8dio, Feb 9, 2012.

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    8DIO productions has announced the release of a new deep-sampled Grand Piano for kontakt called Legacy 1928: Scoring Piano. It was released February 7th, 2012, with an introductory price of $199 ($249 from 15th February).
    8DIO Legacy Grand Piano series marks the next evolution in piano sampling and first virtual piano to ever have deep-sampled round-robin (repetition samples) on both sustains and staccato, which means you get a more varied, fluent and expressive piano.
    8DIO is initiating their Legacy series with the release of one of the most precious and sought after pianos in the history of pianos, namely a specific series of ivory covered Steinway grand that were produced in Germany in 1928. This particular series and era is known to be one of the best and the build quality still stands unmatched - even the strings are still original from 1928. It is the perfect piano for soundtrack composers, songwriters and people looking for an advanced emotional and resonant piano.

    Deep-Sampled Steinway 1928 Grand Piano.
    Repetition on Sustains (Long Notes).
    Repetition on Staccato (Short Notes).
    2 Microphones (Internal/Close & Ambient/Player Perspective).
    Deep Controls & Convolution Reverb.
    Bonus: Morphing Piano Instruments.
    Requires Kontakt 4.2.
    Exclusively available for direct download at http://8dio.com/?btp_product=legacy-1928-grand-piano

    Watch the 8Dio 1928 Legacy Steinway Piano Demonstration: 8Dio 1928 Legacy Steinway Piano Demonstration - YouTube

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