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a good compressor for around 500 bucks. (or cheaper!)

Discussion in 'Recording' started by blue_sway, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. blue_sway

    blue_sway Guest

    hey all, i'm new to this particular forum, but i've posted some of my songs up in STUDIO PROJECTS from time to time.

    i have a presonus firepod interface with a PC using Cubase SX and a few decent AKG mics. (c4000b, c451) i usually compress all i record by recording the source sound, maybe gaining thru the audio process once it's recorded, and THEN adding compression with the compressor plug-in that Cubase provides. it's been suggested to me to compress as i track. i know this is a good thing, but the only compressor i have is an Alesis NanoCompressor that's noisy as hell and puts a hiss on everything i try to use it for. so naturally, it's time to upgrade.

    i was thinking channel strip a-la presonus Eureka (that's right about my price range), and some of ART's stuff, but is it like buying a computer printer where you should really just buy the machine that does what you want and not ten things at a time? (unless you spend a fortune on an Avalon 737 - my dream strip).

    well, your educated opinions would REALLY help me out this time. thanks in advance for your time and suggestions.

    also, here's a curveball for you pros: if i GOT a really nice strip like the 737 and i have it to track drums, with an 8 mic setup, what mic would get the strip on it. i used to think that would be the area, but now i'm thinking maybe the kick? hmmmmm. suggestions for the sake of education here? lol. thanks


    here's a link to some of my home recordings, if interested:
    Link removed
  2. Scoobie

    Scoobie Active Member

    Really Nice Compressor<~~~~~~~~~~RNC

    FMR RNC 1773 compressor........two channel comp. for about 200.00 the last time I looked.

    Don't be fooled by the price. It is a really nice compressor. And this is the budget forum.

    I don't think it can get any better at this price range.

  3. DIGIT

    DIGIT Guest

    >>...It is a really nice compressor...<<

    So, what' you are sayin' is that the Really Nice Compressor is...a really nice compressor... :)
  4. TeddyG

    TeddyG Well-Known Member

    I really don't know what they have these days, there's alot to look at on their site, but DBX would be the first 3 letters that come to mind when you speak of "good compressor". Again, I don't know the current offerings or their prices, but, at least go look. I believe I'd rather have as many as I needed of older, decent, DBX than one or two new cheapies, if similarly priced...

    Also, if you have 8 mics on the drums, then I would want to at least "HAVE" 8 channels of compression for them - if the idea is to get the drums "pretty darned right" going-in, I'd hate to have to choose --- Oh, alright. Kick drum first, snare second and I'd try to get whatever else I wanted out of a pair of, also compressed, overheads(Total 4 mics) - then again, maybe overheads first then.....? But, I don't know what I'm doing either - sort'a gotta' hear it...

    BTW: Go easy on this "inbound" compression - it can be a very good thing but can go bad very fast.

    I also wonder about the "noisy Nanoverb"? I don't remember hearing that before??? Could it be having a problem?

  5. Scoobie

    Scoobie Active Member

    Yes.........that is what i'm saying. Keep in mind that this is the budget forum, i'm very aware of alot better products. But at this price point i don't think you could do any better. I bought the RNC when i was limited
    on money, but it's something that i can always find a use for.

    I do still use the RNC 1773 comp. along with the RNP 8380 pre.
    Both made by FMR Audio.

    I was told that you could buy one for around $180.00 now, that is one great price for a RNC.

  6. blue_sway

    blue_sway Guest

    THANK YOU! i'm going to go check out RNC right now.

    do you think a channel strip like Eureka is worth it?

    again, thanks
  7. mugtastic

    mugtastic Active Member

    thought i'd share a similar situation. i wanted another compressor for as little as possible - my 1st was a nanocomp from when i was starting out years ago - as my fidelity got better i couldn't deal with the noise it added.

    i got the art pro vla - like it. then i wanted more comps so i dug out the nanocomp but too noisey. so i got the rnc. even more noise! so i posted here, got the advice that it sounded like my attack and/or release settings were wrong - adusted them - noise gone. so i checked the nanocomp - noise gone!

    the rnc is great, like the pro vla still and i can use the nanocomp when i need it.
  8. blue_sway

    blue_sway Guest

    bro! thank you. that's a very realistic possibility. my skills are pretty much limited to writing and playing....NOT recording. i'm going to tweak and see what's up. thanks


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