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Abelton 8 Live sound issue ...

Discussion in 'Recording' started by starverse, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. starverse

    starverse Active Member

    Hello there all.
    I just finished installing Abelton live 8.

    I opened it, let it load all it's sounds, etc, and do it's thing. When it was finished, I did it's sound setup, and tested it as everything was 100% fine.

    I now began to play with the samples, and they load, it shows them playing but I have NO SOUND!

    Does anyone here know what is happening or how to FIX this?

  2. jg49

    jg49 Well-Known Member

    Output busing correct? Channel outputs, master output.
    Interface connection? Sometimes the firewire to my computer gets jostled when I am doing something in the back of my computer and no coonection, no sound.
    It is probably one of these type of things or something like is everything powered up?
  3. starverse

    starverse Active Member

    Hey there!
    I actually don't have firewire, or anything like that.
    I am opening it like a regular piece of software and put my MME/Direct X/soundcard as the driver type, main and out.

    wait ... got it!
    Like you said, lol - it was a setting that I accidently had clicked.

    THANK YOU!! :)

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