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Discussion in 'Tracking / Mixing / Editing' started by David French, May 9, 2004.

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  1. David French

    David French Well-Known Member

    I made the Free Plugin Links thread so that everyone would be able to download a major portion of the best free plugins on the internet with minimal effort. The thread was aimed at standard effects processors, not crazy effects or virtual instruments. Also, there is a large slant toward VST plugs for Windows, not because of my choosing, but because this is mainly what's out there. I have tested all of these plugs and while some are better than others, all are completely respectable.

    The thread format is like this: plugs are broken down into categories. A new line begins with a direct download link to a plugin with the same name as the link. The second link is a link to the company are person that designed the plug. Then, there is a compatability note and a description where necessary. If there is no designer link on a particular line, the last mentioned designer is the designer for this plug as well. Also, some plugs appear in two or more formats. In this case, I abbreviated the line by naming the download link by the format of the plug.

    I included just about every plug that was mentioned in the 'post your free plugin links' thread. If I didn't include any of your favorites, let me know in this thread and i'll add them.

    Thanks to everyone who donated a link in the last thread; I couldn't have done this without you.

    Have fun everybody!
  2. mjones4th

    mjones4th Active Member

    Very Nice David!!!
  3. David French

    David French Well-Known Member

    Thanks Mark :)
  4. bane

    bane Guest

    Are there any "wrappers" around so that I can use VST plugins with Sonar (DX only)?

    Or is there someway to install the plugins that I'm not aware of?

  5. David French

    David French Well-Known Member

    Here's one from Spin Audio. Good idea. I'll put that one in.
  6. mjones4th

    mjones4th Active Member

    No AUs...... :(

    Ah well... There is one that I depend on every day, Inspector from Elemental Audio Systems. Its more of a utility than an effect
  7. David French

    David French Well-Known Member

    Mark, there are three AU plugs on the list: MDSP's Compressor, Blockfish, and Ambience.
  8. lambchop

    lambchop Active Member


    This is one great resource and I take my hat off to you. Categorizing and testing these plugins is all the difference from the other threads out there that just list them.

    You done good, kid!
  9. David French

    David French Well-Known Member

  10. Kerouacgal

    Kerouacgal Guest

    What type of Plugins does Pro Tools use?

    I have only used cool edit pro before I recently switched to Protools. Are the Plugins that Protools uses exclusive? Are they not DX or VST ?

    I know this may be an obvious question to most of you but I really need to know the answer to get more plugins.

  11. Felix

    Felix Guest

    Re: What type of Plugins does Pro Tools use?

    great question! it seems like 99% of these free plugs are Windows VST, or some other format that isn't compatable with ProTools. at least not on Mac OS 9...

    is there a wrapper for ProTools on MacOS 9 (not AU)?
  12. wakeupbomb

    wakeupbomb Guest

    There is a wrapper that changes VST to RTAS (Pro Tools Plugins) it's from FXpansion. I've never used it cause it's $99 and I don't have $99 at the moment, but everything I've read has said it works well.

    Are any of the free plugs on that list RTAS? I don't want to look through all of them.
  13. Felix

    Felix Guest

    unfortunately, it won't work on Mac OS 9.
    oh well.
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