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Accessing audio files on the computer

Discussion in 'Recording' started by ponka, May 17, 2004.

  1. ponka

    ponka Guest


    I wonder if it is possible to access the audio files created on the
    Zoom MRS1266 on a computer? I know about the software which can be
    downloaded from zoom.co.jp, but as far as I know, it only works when
    the Zoom is connected to the usb jack. The problem is that the unit
    I rented didn't had any usb...

    I've made backups on all the recorded tracks, and the files on those
    backup cd:s is the ones I want to edit. Is that possible at all? They
    seem to be in .DAT-format, but can I convert them to vaw and then use
    Sonar or some other software to re-mix and master the recording?

    There must be some plugin or something I can use, pleas help me out


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