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Acoustic guitar miking

Discussion in 'Guitars' started by lmu2002, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. lmu2002

    lmu2002 Active Member

    Stupid and silly question. Any ideas on miking/pick up an acoustic guitar? A standard western type. Should be useful for live applications too. A dry, neutral sound is what I have in mind. Not too bothered with the low freqs. Models and users opinions are welcome. Built in/pick up/transducer/combi. Whatever you may use/have used...
  2. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    The question is only stupid and silly if you haven't made the effort to use the forum's search facility, as this topic has been covered several times.

    There are other internet resorces as well. Try, for example:

    I did much experimentation to get the sound I wanted from my Martin, and ended up modifying a mic/piezo unit from Shadow. I kept the internal gooseneck microphone, but discarded the piezo and used the piezo input for a Fishman pickup. For live performance, the separate controls on the Shadow allow me to modify the blend of mic/pickup right at the instrument. The Shadow site is:

    For external miking, again, I have experimented for years and continue to do so. Currently I use a pair of Rode NT-2A microphones in M-S configuration. The exact placement for any one piece depends on what sound I want.

    In the studio, I would normally have the Shadow mic turned right down. I always record the pickup, the M and S mics on separate tracks. At mixdown, I blend a delayed version of the pickup in with the decoded M-S mics. The delay is necessary to compensate for the time that the sound takes to reach the microphones relative to the output from the pickup, and is usually only a couple of milliseconds.
  3. lmu2002

    lmu2002 Active Member


    Thanks! The first link was superb and exactly what I needed...

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