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Acoustic guitar thru MOTU 896HD

Discussion in 'Guitars' started by shea_teeley, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. shea_teeley

    shea_teeley Guest

    I'm trying to get a good acoustic guitar sound while recording through my 896hd. However, I need to turn the gain up on the preamp so high that even when I'm getting a moderately good level (not clipping on my MOTU or in Logic), it sounds massively distorted, like very harsh clipping or something similar. I've tried different mics, different mic placements, different mic cords, etc. I've even tried using a completely separate preamp going into the 896hd. Any suggestions?


    edit: i tried using the search engine, but some reason it wasn't working correctly at all, so I'm sorry in advance if this has been discussed...
  2. AcousTronic

    AcousTronic Guest

    I have the same set up as you... MOTU 896HD, Logic 7, and I record a lot of acoustic guitar. See if your mics need phantom power and if you have the power switched to the 'mic' position, on the rear panel of the MOTU, next to the cable input (if going direct). Personaly, I run into a mic pre, then to the MOTU, so I keep it on the "line" setting, as the mic is getting the power from the pre.

    I think you may need to simply check your settings starting at the mic (polarity, power, distance from source). Then check your pre (plenty of input signal, and decent output signal, then see how it is routed to MOTU and check the setting next to the inputs on the rear panel. Once you see an input signal on the MOTU LCDs (I never go above -3db) Then open the Firewire Cue Mixer (software mixer for the MOTU) and make sure the signal is being routed properly to your Logic track.

    Hope something in there made sense and helped... Good luck!


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