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Acoustic panels to prevent reflections from CRT monitor?

Discussion in 'Studio Construction & Acoustics Forum' started by gboar, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. gboar

    gboar Guest

    Good idea or bad?

    I'm somewhat of an acoustics newbie compared to most of the regulars here I'd assume.

    My nearfields (HR824s) are spaced 5 feet appart and 5 feet from me. It seems like the ideal spot for the CRT monitor would be between the speakers, as presumably most of the reflections wouldn't get to me.

    My problem however, is that I like high screen resolutions; I'm working at 1600x1200 on a 19 inch CRT. I'd love to bring it closer to me, so I could actually read the text, but I can hear the effects of the sound bouncing off of the monitor =(.

    Would putting panels on either side help, or would that interfere with the direct sound from the speakers and make things worse?
  2. AudioTracker1

    AudioTracker1 Guest

    I would have to say that, moving this monitor closer to you, and, getting in the way of your signals, would negatively impact your imaging. Please correct me if i am wrong.

    I just went through some of this stuff. Are you using only 1 monitor? do you have a console.? please provide more information. There is a triangle equation, of how your speakers should be placed. David French could help you with this, but, if wont work the way you have it.

    Mabey a bigger monitor? mabey a samller desk?

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