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ADAM Audio P22A Powered Studio MonitorS

Discussion in 'Monitoring / Headphones' started by XTREEMMAK, Jan 31, 2008.


    XTREEMMAK Active Member

    I was looking into getting a pair for my small home project studio. Is this a good idea? I was also looking into Genelec speakers but IDK.
  2. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    How big is your control room? These speakers need room to breath.

    I only own a pair of A7s but I use them in a small control room and on remotes. I can say that they are some of my favorite monitors that I've ever used anywhere near their size and price point.

    XTREEMMAK Active Member

    Hey. Sorry for the delayed response

    Hey there,
    Sorry for the delayed response. Umm the dimentions of the room are 11'x9'x12' with a 10' ceiling. The room is treated. Here are some pics:

    Yes that what ever you're thinking is what you are thinking lol.

    No Diffusion yet but working on it. If necessary, all pannels can be rearranged to a better location (didn't use glue :D)


    Someone also told me not to count out the DynAudio's as well.??? Or what about the ADAM Audio P11A ??? Is any Genelec worth it?
  4. the_scort

    the_scort Guest

    Dynaudio BM5As are pretty rad and in line with the ADAM A7s. The BM5As are a little easier on the top end. As for genelecs, the 8030s could be worth checking out.

    XTREEMMAK Active Member

    Hey guys,
    Just got back from GC and checked out the BM5A's.
    They sound good but they weren't what I was looking for, and they dont stock Adams. Buuuut I did have the privilege in hearing a set of speakers I never would have considered aka the Event ASP 8's. Now I have Event 5's and there ok so I wasn't expecting too much from those ASP's. OMG they blew me away! I fell in love with them.

    Now the only problem is with them in the room. Considering how small the room is and from what people are telling me about my current treatment, I may run into problems when it comes to the lows. So I'm looking into building my own bass traps (which you'll find a question here of somewhere on this forum lol) to replace some of the foam and possible those cheaper bass traps. I'm looking to make about 7 depending on how the room responds to the treatment. My question is, will this really help guard me against those lingering bass frequencies and such?

    XTREEMMAK Active Member

    Change of heart. Have not heard them yet, but looking into the Dynaudio BM 6A mk II's.
  7. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    You're not going to get much more out of the BM6s than you did out of the BM5s.

    The ASP8s are some SERIOUS monitors with a great sound. When I was initially comparing the Dynaudio BM15s to the ASP8s, it was a tough call. The Dyns won out only in a little bit of LF refinement over the ASP 8s and a bit better spatial response.

    Frankly, I would strongly encourage the ASP8s and then spend a little of the extra money on a few more traps (they're $29 a piece...com'on...buy a few more.)


    XTREEMMAK Active Member

    Funny that you should mention it,
    I checked out the BM6's today and like you said, still wasn't overly impressed. I also checked out the Adam A7 which sounded nice and yes does evenly compare to the BM5's (though I just got a startling realization that with those over sensitive ribbon tweeters, they could break easily so I'd go with the DynAudios).

    So now I'm about to check out the Dynaudio BM15 and I guess given Adam's trademark ribbon tweater systems, I guess the P11's and P22's are out of the question (p22 being overkill for my room anyway lol)
  9. the_scort

    the_scort Guest

    I would seriously not be too concerned about the durability of the tweeters. They are studio monitors after all, unless you are hauling them around weekly or running painfully high reference levels, it shouldn't be a consideration. Most of these active speakers have limiters, and are bi-amped so you'd have a really hard time killing anything.

    I will say though, the high end is a little harsh on those things, but I was playing a synth through an A7 today and really thought it had a delightful low end. I compared it to a BM5A and the Adam seemed to handle the low end a little better. We're talking some ridiculous synth bass. Those speakers were workin' hard, so the conditions were a little more extreme than normal I'd say.

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