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Adam p11a and front ports

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by red_muze, Feb 12, 2005.


are adam front bass ports are a problem?

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  2. sometimes

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  1. red_muze

    red_muze Guest


    i am considering of buying the ADAM p11a monitors.
    i have mixed on them and i enjoyed it very much. i have noticed one thing that realy bothered me.
    the front ports make a flapping noise on bass notes. so when i tried recording bass or tuning a kick drum i got extra high frequencies coming form the bass port that were not part of the sound.

    am i overly sensitive? or has anyone else experienced this as a problem?

    i have also heard that ADAM have nother port design wich gives a shorter bass responce and makes the bass tighter and apparently reduces the bass flapping sound. has anyone had experience with that?

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