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Discussion in 'Recording' started by Woog, Oct 7, 2004.

  1. Woog

    Woog Guest

    I am currently recording using a silver face ADAT and and
    Fostex VM200 digital board. I also record some things to
    the ADAT with an analog board for warmth but always mix
    with the Fostex digital board. The Fostex has an optical
    connection to the ADAT (8 tracks in/out) and an optical
    S/PDIF in/out to my computer for mastering. The computer
    is a 700Mhrz custom box where I master using Soundforge
    and burn with Nero. It has Firewire and USB 2 connections,
    an E-MU 0404 card (2 analog i/o & optical i/o + an OEM version
    of Cubase), a 10GB internal drive with just operational software
    and active working files and a 250GB external firewire drive
    for storage. Also, a Plextor burner. The OS is Win XP.

    I'm now planning the next stage away from tape. I want
    to purchase an interface that will allow me to take 8 tracks
    of ADAT to the PC where I would like to edit and expand on
    those tracks using Cubase (or an equivilant) and do my main
    recording on that platform and restrict the ADAT to remote
    use. After I upload my ADAT tracks I'd like to use the Fostex
    VM200 board using that same ADAT to PC interface.

    What do you recommend for the ADAT to PC interface and
    which recording software will be most compatible with my
    equipment and intentions?

  2. dabmeister music

    dabmeister music Active Member

    There once was the Adat PCR card, but that has been discontinued. Maybe you could find one on ebay or some other auction site. It's a PCI card w/ adat sync I/O (Sony 9 pin) and Adat optical I/O.
  3. EricK

    EricK Guest

    Steer clear of the Adat-Edit card from Alesis. I've never had the pleasure of using one, but I have heard horror stories. Try something like the EMU 1212-M.
  4. dabmeister music

    dabmeister music Active Member

    Will the Emu card deliver sample accurate syncronization? I'm not nick picking by no means, just trying to find a solution to a problem I'm also suffering from. I was use to having control over my Adat via DAW s/w. But until I upgraded the OS & upgraded to the latest version of Cubase, I lost that capability. My Adat is connected from a MOTU MTP A/V, so it's locking to the incoming SMPTE generated through the DAW program. I could access the Adats' transport through Cubase, never having to physically touch the Adat itself...it worked for me.
  5. EricK

    EricK Guest

    If you are asking if the Emu card has the 9-pin Adat Sync, it does not. I do not believe the original posters situation would require it either. If you need Adat sync, some of the MOTU interfaces have it, as do the some of the RME products. I run an RME Hammerfall 96/52 card and I love it. Picked it up used for $300.
  6. Big_D

    Big_D Well-Known Member

    I currentley have (2) Layla 24's and Cubase. I have used the Layla to sync with a friends ADAT and it has worked flawlessley. I always make the Layla the Master clock and have never had a problem. The transport in Cubase controls the ADAT with no problems. Hope this helps.

  7. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    The Frontier Dakota card ... streets for around $300 ... has 2 ADAT ins and outs (in case you want to do 16 tracks at once .. I've had mine for 2 years now without a hicup .. great drivers ..

    You should consider upping the RAM in your computer to 1 gig if you are running less than that now.
  8. Woog

    Woog Guest

    Anybody have any experience with the MOTU 828mkII?
    I kinda like that you can rack it up with your ADAT and other
    stuff and the firewire interface to the PC kind of appeals to me.
    I've heard that the PCI bus on a PC can be kinda noisy for
    music production. Any thoughts?
  9. EricK

    EricK Guest

    The MOTU 828mkII is certainly a viable option for you. As for PCI interfaces, I haven't heard any complaints of noise due to a PCI card, I would suspect other issues are causing noise.
  10. dabmeister music

    dabmeister music Active Member

    Hey Big D, I want to ask you about that Adat sync from the Layla to the Adat. So you're saying that the optical connection from the Layla will provide the sync/clock data as well? I knew there was SMPTE & WORD being generated through digital connectivity but never thought of using the Adat optical connection to sync the transport. I know of guys who stripe track 8 w/ the sync data to control their DAW software from the Adat, but I like to do the opposite. I think I have a setup that's pretty close to yours, so I'll give that a try.
  11. Barkingdogstudios

    Barkingdogstudios Active Member

    I have been considering a similar thing .... synching an Aardvark Q10 to a TASCAM DA-88. Has anyone tried this sort of thing? The TASCAM has the SY-88 synch card in it and can be synchronized via word clock or midi (as well as a couple of others).

    Is it as simple as connecting the 'word clock out' from the Aardvark to the DA-88 with a BNC cable? If so, can I use the SONAR transport control to run the DA-88? I realize I would have to format the DA-88 tapes with word clock code.

    I'll probably end up trying it I just wondered if anyone has any experience with this and/or suggestions?
  12. Big_D

    Big_D Well-Known Member

    Dabmeister, I'm sorry I haven't checked the DAW forum in a few days. The ADAT belongs to a buddy who does live sound and records the shows. He uses one of my Layla's to get the ADAT into his DAW (all 8 tracks) as he only has a 2 channel card w/ no ADAT.
    I know he uses the optical connection and we set the Layla as master clock but I will have to check with him how he sync's the transport to the ADAT. He used to have 2 ADAT's and had them synced through a card in his PC and I believe he had transport control then also.

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