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    Hello dudes, recently a friend told my that the rigth way of adding effects to an audio track (such a reverb) on Cubase SX 3 was trough a send channel, becuz i'll keep my track clean and just send another channel to put the effect over it.
    I've been trying to find it out and understand it reading the manual but It just get lost in the reading over again. Please if you know a quick tutorial for this or something, it might be very helpful, thank's so much.
  2. Spase

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    Open the mixer window (under the device tab) right click on the empty part of the mixer (you can make the mixer bigger by dragging a side) select new track then effect track. A pop up will open asking for an effect, choose the desired effect. That sequence will make an effect channel. Now, in the channel you want to have the effect, open the effect window (there is a little e in a circle on each channel). There is a column on the right side - click in one of those and a list will come up. This list will include the effect channel you just made. click that. This will make a send from the channel to the effect channel. You need to turn it on (in the send you just made is an on/off button) and turn up the send (there is a slider there to turn it up - a little blue thing in the corner). Now mix in the effect on the effect channel.
  3. GnzlO

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    Space thanks mate! I knew it was something like that but couldnt just find the right way, i appreciate your time to help me out,keep rocking and thanxs again...

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