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Adobe Audition CS5.5 and M-Audio Keystudio Midi help

Discussion in 'Recording' started by JHMProject, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. JHMProject

    JHMProject Member

    I need help. I bought these two items because I thought they looked easy to use. Problem is I can't seem to figure out how to access the Midi Keyboard through Audition CS5.5. I'm trying to create a podcast and I have a few nerd video game music mashups i wish to work on this summer. can anyone help me please? :confused:
  2. Cubed Root Sound

    Cubed Root Sound Active Member


    Unfortunately, Adobe in its infinite wisdom removed MIDI capacity from Audition's "upgrade." Audition 3.0 supported native MIDI sequencing, MIDI controllers, and had ReWire capacity for use with standalone sequencers. Audition CS5.5 has none of these features. It doesn't even include a metronome. Don't ask me why. It sucks. I really love Audition 3.0, though. I'll use it until May 2012 when Audition CS6 is supposed to ameliorate some of the deficiencies in this misnomer of an upgrade. If most of what you want is MIDI sequencing, try Reaper (REAPER | Audio Production Without Limits). It's cheap (It is currently $40 for a discount license, which you would qualify for I think). It works as a standalone sequencer, DAW, and will function with most other ReWire capable platforms. It should work extremely well for your needs. Sorry about Audition. Once you get tracks out of Reaper, use Audition for rough mastering unless you plan on sending your audio out for mastering. Audition's processing is now better than ever, and the native effects bundle really can't be beat. Don't be too bummed. If CS6 is as good as it better be, $99 for an upgrade should get you a fantastic DAW sometime next year...

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