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advice for a beginner

Discussion in 'Recording' started by steimlem, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. steimlem

    steimlem Active Member

    i have a used m-audio mobile pre and a pg 48 microphone that i've been using with various free multitrack recorders and softsynths and feel it's time to step up to the next level.

    i don't want anything super fancy.. but enough to get goodquality results.

    i have about 750-1000 bucks to spend right now and was wondering what the best things would be to upgrade? i'm primarily a vocalist but enjoy songwriting and making "beats" with various softsynths as well.

    a couple things i've been looking at

    mbox mini (comes with protools le) + reason 4 + m audio axiom 25 + shure sm 57 mic + sony mdr7506 headphones


    keep my mobile pre + record/reason4 bundle + m audio axiom 25 + shure sm 57 mic + sony mdr7506 headphones

    which "starter kit" do you think would be the best for a beginner? is it necessary to upgrade my mobile pre to a 24 bit interface? will pro tools le be better for my songwriting/recording purposes than propellerhead record?

    any other advice appreciated
  2. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    First of all, one post is plenty. Posting in multiple threads is unnecessary.

    You already have an interface, the Mbox isn't going to be any improvement. The software package is nice though many of the included plugins are demo versions. Strucure Free is nice and the AIR plugins sound quite good but if you're accustomed to Reason, you may be disappointed with the demo version included with ProTools LE(LIMITED Edition).

    I've tried Record and I HATE it. Yes all capital letters HATE. If you are accustomed to Reason however, you might like the layout. I don't enjoy all the scrolling. I find it tedious. The lack of third party plugin support is also a major turn off for me. But, I record real instruments mainly.

    It's you're pick. Only you can decide what is best for you.
  3. steimlem

    steimlem Active Member

    i apologize, i explained in the other thread how i tried to delete one right away but couldn't figure out how .

    how is proppelerhead record at recording vocals mainly? not the ui per say since that's what you seem to hate.. but does it have all the necessary tools/effects built in to be able to record/edit vocals as well as protools? or will i be disappointed in that regard? it just seems protools is lacking in the song creating/ beat making aspect from what i hear , and the reason /record bundle will be a lot cheaper than getting reason + pro tools . i want to use the programs as much to create the songs as to record them.
  4. djmukilteo

    djmukilteo Well-Known Member

    Cubase IMO is better software, SM7B would be a better vocal mic, those Sony headphones are good, ATH-M50's would be better. Drum beats and softsynths, plugins, Native Instruments...Battery, Absynth, Kontakt, Massive....tons of good sound...
  5. steimlem

    steimlem Active Member

    all t hat is way too much for my budget unfortunately : ( i'm just getting started at creating music on my pc. is cubase decent standalone without native instruments komplete for creating songs?

    i want to spend 1000 bucks max.. cubase + native instruments + sm 7b is already pushing 1500.. and that's without monitors, headphones, and midi controller :(
  6. djmukilteo

    djmukilteo Well-Known Member

    Well, that was just suggestions....and maybe a wish list for the future.
    If I were you and had a budget of $1000...I would go online...Sweetwater, Musicians Friend, SamAsh the more the better and look for a recording bundle package that has a FW interface, Cubase. Protools or Sonar, mic(s), studio monitors, headphones, stands and cables. Pick out a few different packages that fit your budget and those components. Don't worry about which brand, just price budget and components, anything extra like stands and cables are basically free in a package. Make a list of each package that fits that criteria...get the best prices you can with sales, free shipping, warranty etc....
    Then I would do a little research....read reviews on each of the different major components (FW interface, monitors, mics etc.)...start rating each package and checking off ones that don't have decent reviews etc...whittle that down and figure out what the best package would be based on your funds, prices and then order it!
    They are all so close in quality these days, you would be much happier and smarter getting a full package. You still have the used stuff you have now to add into that setup or sell it later if you like...plus it's a way better value and you'll have everything you need to make new music and better recordings.
    What you want to do is maximize your budget and getting everything you need to do it properly...if you go this other route you will be messing around spending money on this piece and that and not have a really decent system....this way you're stepping up with a full package ready to go now and then you can add more to it in the future....A little effort on your part to work your budget, do the research and it will be well worth the process, not to mention you will be happier with your decision
  7. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Steinberg has Cubase Essentials which is a slightly limited version. It's plenty powerful enough for most people and retails for around $100 us. Record will do what you need it to. Go to propelleheads web site and download the demo.

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