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advice for a beginner

Discussion in 'Computing' started by steimlem, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. steimlem

    steimlem Active Member

    i have a used m-audio mobile pre and a pg 48 microphone that i've been using with various free multitrack recorders and softsynths and feel it's time to step up to the next level.

    i don't want anything super fancy.. but enough to get goodquality results.

    i have about 750-1000 bucks to spend right now and was wondering what the best things would be to upgrade? i'm primarily a vocalist but enjoy songwriting and making "beats" with various softsynths as well.

    a couple things i've been looking at

    mbox mini (comes with protools le) + reason 4 + m audio axiom 25 + shure sm 57 mic + sony mdr7506 headphones


    keep my mobile pre + record/reason4 bundle + m audio axiom 25 + shure sm 57 mic + sony mdr7506 headphones

    which "starter kit" do you think would be the best for a beginner? is it necessary to upgrade my mobile pre to a 24 bit interface? will pro tools le be better for my songwriting/recording purposes than propellerhead record?

    any other advice appreciated
  2. jg49

    jg49 Well-Known Member

    Welcome to RO. Just to let you know not good mojo to double post, your question will get answered. First off let me say not really nuts about M-Audio gear or most Digi design stuff that I have used. You don't require a ProFools interface to use Reason so nearly any manufacturer is compatible. IMO the mbox mini is just a small step sideways not really giving you any significant change in quality (if you are looking for a higher quality interface RME: Fireface 400 though this is out of your budget.) So I guess keep your present box. ProFools will not be "better" than a recording software you already know, there is nothing wrong with Reason, so no reason to switch (sorry couldn't help it.)
    The PG48 is definitely your weakest link and upgrading the mic is definitely a good idea. I would choose a SM58 over the 57 if you are primarily using it for vocals as it has a built in pop/windscreen but can add a foam ball to the 57 to slow plosives and breath noises.

    The Sony headphones are good quality, if you research this forum by doing a search on headphones you will come up with a dozen or so threads on headphones. The choices are personal, I find the Sony's easy to use as I have been using them for years, though one drawback is they are not very isolated if you are using them for tracking you can get bleed, so you might want to consider that.

    Do you own a good set of monitors?
  3. steimlem

    steimlem Active Member

    sorry i thought i posted in the wrong one and tried to delete the original post but then discovered afterwards that there wasn't a delete option (or at least one that i could find :(

    thanks for the valuable information .. no i don't but i was set on getting them anyway so i didn't include monitors in the post. i wanted to focus replies on my other choices. i've used a sm57 live and at band practices and absolutley love it for when i have to get up close and sing quietly which is why i included it, maybe i'll add a decent condenser . and yes the headphones will mainly be used for recording so isolation is a big thing, i'll check out other options as well. are there any cheaper options ? i just went with the sonys because thats what i heard everyone talk about.. but if there is a decent pair for half the price that will get the job done i'd rather get those instead.

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