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Advice for Home Setup - Guitar

Discussion in 'Guitars' started by mikedealer, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. mikedealer

    mikedealer Active Member

    Hello all! Ive been poking around here for a bit and doing some research online, and getting advice from friends, but i am still confused as ever and looking for some help and advice to give me the most versatility and bang for my buck here..

    What i am Looking to do: Setup a Nice little Guitar Rig in my living room on my flat screen TV to practice on my guitar

    Budget: $1000-2000 Dollars

    Goal: So I am no guitar expert, so forgive anything stupid i say here or if i blaintantly leave something out thats obvious. I learned on acoustic acoustic guitar, no electric.

    I was looking around at rigs and gear, and what i was thinking of getting is either one of two options, and maybe you guys can set me in the right direction here, or say "bah screw that peice, waste of money" etc etc.
    Option 1: Using a Mac (i own a new mac), I was looking at Garageband/Logic/Mainstage, and using a Apogee Gio Audio Connection. Also Getting some headphones and powered monitors (i can figure these out, i think lol). I think this is a pretty simple setup but someone recommended it to me and they are very happy with it.

    Option 2: Using a PC (i have a ton of fast pc's at my disposal and i am a network administrator). I recommended to get an Avid Eleven Rack for my interface, Protools 10, and again powered monitor speakers and headphones.

    Or Option 3: _________???

    I am looking to be able to give me the most expandibility and versatility, without being locked down into a single platform like mac/pc. I can use both, and garageband did look cool to use.

    I hope i provided enough information for you guys to come up with a conclusion/answer for me, but if i didnt please let me know..

  2. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    have you tried searching Google for guitar interface?
  3. mikedealer

    mikedealer Active Member

    Of course i have, i can read good and bad reviews till my ears start to pour blood, thats why i wanted to get some like recommendations, both for use and future expandibility.

    Like i said i dont know much about interfacing my guitar with a computer, and they make 1000 different interfances and im having trouble understanding some of the terms etc
  4. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    well i am willing to try to help you wade through it if i can. what terms are you having trouble with?

    option one . very elegant. great conversion. not a lot of bells and whistles to mess with. garage band is a great way to get going. probably best suited to what you want.

    option 2 . the avid rack larger / less portable / will be more cumbersome and may be overkill unless you're looking to expand. PT 10 is a much more expensive route to go. also may be overkill for your stated purpose.
  5. mikedealer

    mikedealer Active Member

    I was leaning toward the mac, just because i already have the mac. Is the apogee gio a decent interface to get, or maybe there is something a bit more high end possibly that will give me some more options? Or should i go cheaper?
  6. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    it's hard to go wrong with anything apogee makes. i lie the feature set on it. mac only perfect for garage band. this one i like

    on the cheap side, i was looking at the Peavey xPort USB Guitar Interface a whole lot less cash and comes with reaper and amps sims. runs on computers with USB 1.1 or higher, running Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista (all editions), or Mac OS X

    i like this too.
  7. mikedealer

    mikedealer Active Member

    I may actually get the apogee gio to see how it is, seems like a very basic setup but it might me good to get me started. I keep looking at the avid eleven rack thinking that it may be overkill, but it looks like it has alot more sound and amp options
  8. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    you can always get amp sims and models as plugs. get what you need to get started and add more later as required. this stuff only gets cheaper as time passes.
  9. mikedealer

    mikedealer Active Member

    Ok cool thats good advice there thanks!
  10. kmetal

    kmetal Kyle P. Gushue Well-Known Member

    i wasn't wowed by the 11 when i used it. i think guitar rig is the most realistic sound amp sim out there, and w/ all the effects and everything else, it'll leave ya w/ some money for decent monitors. i like the sound of the alesis monitor one in the 300 per pair range. yahma hsm in the 700 per pair, and mackie hr 8's in the 1000 range. but there are plenty of contenders in the 1000 range.

    apoggee and macs are great for audio production. reaper is an excellent peice of software its as capapable as any other, efficient, and cross platform. if your not intending on any further expansion the apogee and garage band will get ya going, in a high quality way, and reaper would be a step up in software functionality, appropriate as your needs grow.

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