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advice on A/Ds / control surfaces.

Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by jbeutt, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. jbeutt

    jbeutt Active Member

    I'm looking at reasonably priced control surfaces/ A/Ds. I'm liking the US-428, mostly for price. Is it gunna crap out on me or sound bad? is it decent enough? I need something for a broad range of work. Everything from video to theater sound design to studio recording. Worth the money? Also, how worth it would it be to splurge on moving faders, or is that overboard?
  2. jbeutt

    jbeutt Active Member

    no one?
  3. maintiger

    maintiger Well-Known Member

    the 428 is a good control surface- adecuate - I used to have a mackie control and I though it was overpriced for what it did. For AD converters you are better off getting a dedicated Ad, such as apogee, etc. My rosetta has made a big positive impact on my tracks. I hear the behringer control surfaces are a good deal for the money, like a couple of hundred for 8 channels- but I haven't checked them out myself.
  4. jbeutt

    jbeutt Active Member

    So how do i put an external A/D into the signal chain and bypass whatever's on the control surface?

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