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Advice on audio interface for laptop

Discussion in 'Recording' started by kayup, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. kayup

    kayup Guest

    hello there,

    looking to get an interface <probably firewire> which i can record bass guitar and turntables through onto an ibook G4. I hear that M-audio don't work well with Macs, Edirol make a couple of decent looking products but i've read some pretty unflattering things about them. Any ideas? I'm looking to keep the price below £300

  2. kayup

    kayup Guest

    Anyone had experience with (for example) the edirol fa66 on a mac? Or a presonus firebox?
  3. 132435

    132435 Guest

    you could look into some of the pro tools based things like the mbox, other than that i don't know a whole lot about your situation.
  4. andrej33

    andrej33 Guest

    Hi there,
    Actually I 've been using an M-audio omnistudio with my g3 i-book and it has worked quite well. It is usb not firewire. Guitar center was blowing them out a while back for $190.00.

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