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Discussion in 'Studio Products' started by audiokid, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    High-output Ribbon Mic with Vintage-style Appointments

    AEA R44CXE High-output Ribbon Mic Features at a Glance:

    • An accurate reproduction of the original RCA Ribbon Mic
    • Uses the same ribbon material as the original
    • Built to the highest studio standards possible
    • A single diaphragm Figure 8 ribbon microphone
    • 6dB more output that the RCA 44B and BX
    • High null-axis rejection
    • Custom AEA Transformer
    • High SPL capability, max level of 140dB plus above 200Hz
    • Low Self Noise
    • Consistent polar response
    • Operable in high humidity environments
    • Sounds equal to or better than the original RCA 44
    • Operating Principle: Velocity microphone
    • Frequency Response: Below 30 Hz to above 20 kHz
    • Maximum SPL: 140 + dB SPL above 200Hz for 1% third harmonic
    • Output Sensitivity: 2.25 mV / Pa into unloaded circuit
    • Output Impedance: 270 ohms broadband
    • Recommended Load: 1.2 K ohm or greater
    • Powering: Not required or recommended
    • Polarity: Pin 2 high for positive pressure on the front of the microphone.
    • Connector: XLR-3M wired to a 3 meter captive cable
    • Polar Pattern: Native bi-directional pattern
    • Horizontal: Level changes with angle, frequency response is consistent, -90 dB null at 90 / 270 degrees
    • Vertical: Level changes with angle, reduced HF response above and below 0/180 degree axis, null at 90/270 degrees
    • Ribbon Thickness: 1.8 microns ( .0000018 meter ) of pure aluminum
    • Ribbon Width: 4.7 mm
    • Ribbon Length: 59.7 mm
    • Accessories Included: Custom storage/shipping case, stand adapter, manual and attached 3-meter microphone cable

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