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Discussion in 'Studio Products' started by audiokid, Jan 23, 2011.

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    In the past few years AEA's acclaimed R84 Ribbon Microphone has become a new studio standard. Now AEA has once again expanded the sonic possibilities of ribbon mics with the R92 Ribbon Microphone. Reduced proximity bass boost and excellent wind blast protection make it suitable for close micing (6-12 inches) of guitar amps, vocals, percussion, etc. In addition, the smooth high frequency response of the R88 transducer has been further extended in the R92, making the R92 a unique voice in the world of ribbon mics.


    AEA has designed the R92 to have slightly different tones on the front and rear pickup lobes of the microphone. The front lobe of the R92 is the "crisp" side, offering exceptionally clean and realistic high end detail. The rear lobe is the "smooth"

    The R92 is intended for amplifier, instrument, and vocal micing applications. Its proximity effect is well-balanced for close-up use. A smooth extended high-end lets instrumental tracks fit well into a mix with little or no EQ. A flexible positioning system and integrated shockmount make the R92 a breeze to setup and use. A captive 2-meter xlr mic cable, and a foam lined carrying/storage case are included.

    R92 Features:

    • Large Ribbon Geometry transducer
    • Solid bass and smooth treble response
    • Fast, accurate transient reproduction
    • Low self noise and high SPL capability
    • Excellent off-axis frequency response
    • Wide-band response from 20Hz to 20 KHz
    • Distinct character of front and rear lobes

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