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Affordable subwoofers for studios

Discussion in 'Recording' started by lcswoosh05, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. lcswoosh05

    lcswoosh05 Active Member

    Are there subwoofers that are around $100 to $200 range that can be used for monitoring? I have a pair of Cakewalk MA-7A monitors and it has a sub-out RCA so I can connect a subwoofer to get better low end.
  2. lcswoosh05

    lcswoosh05 Active Member

    I guess since no one is posting there is no subwoofers that is around $200 or less unless I get a home subwoofer but will those work? Like the Sony SA-W2500? They will go down to 28hz. Also this subwoofer you can adjust the crossover so I can set it where my monitors roll off on the lower bass.

    I don't think that it would make a difference on home subs or studio subs since both are just doing the low end bass. For the upper bass and to the mids and highs is what the most important part I assume so for that part I know you need monitors. Plus if you can adjust the crossover won't it blend well with the monitors?
  3. natural

    natural Active Member

    Most browsers have this thing called 'google'. I use it all the time... constantly...., really, answers most questions almost instantly.
    Anywho, check with common studio monitor companies. Yamaha, KRK, JBl, etc. You might need to up your budget to at least $300.00.
    Professional systems within the $100 -$200 range, check for used (craigslist, ebay, etc) these will usually have xlr or 1/4" connections.
    Otherwise, ck home theater.

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