Algorithmix or CEDAR restoration (NOT...)

Discussion in 'Mastering' started by Cucco, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    Hey guys!

    Is anyone here interested in either of these wonderful tools (specifically their spectral editors)?

    Does anyone want to know how to get these without spending the $3000 or more but still get a LEGAL solution?

    Who thinks the Adobe Audition version sucks???

    Okay, sorry to sound like a sales guy, but I just dropped the $40 to buy this EXACT same tool as what you would get with the Algo or Cedar stuff. Oh, and I mean EXACT. And no, $40 is NOT a misprint!

    Check out THIS .

    I've spent a couple days with it now. All of the other tools are borderline useless (the compressors/noise reduction/etc.) But the funny thing is the interface is SSSSSOOOO much like Sequoia/Samplitude in so many ways, it's almost scary! And the spectral editor works EXACTLY like Algorithmix's (the wording is a bit different, but everything else is the same...)

    For $40, you WON'T be disappointed!!!!!!

    J :cool:
  2. TrilliumSound

    TrilliumSound Active Member


    It says "removes noise such as coughing, whistling or clapping", does it removes clicks (digi) as well ?

  3. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    Well, yes.

    If you want to use the spectral editor, you can, but you'll have to work one click at a time. it does have a de-click, de-pop, de-hiss and se-noise feature too, but they are nowhere near as powerful as their algo/cedar bretheran. (they're not half bad though. Like all plug-ins, they have a preset mode -which sucks- and they have a tweakable mode, which ain't bad.)

    The restoration tools are at least as good as their Waves counterpart, but again, don't touch the real professional tools.

    Another cool set of features is that it works on object-based editing - just like Sequoia. You can manipulate cross-fades, volume curves, surround panning and transitions. AND it burns CDs / DVDs / DVD-A too!!!!!!!!!

    Did I mention it's $40?!?!?!

  4. TrilliumSound

    TrilliumSound Active Member


    Thanks for the info.

    Oh, by the much is it? :lol:

  5. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

  6. lucidwaves

    lucidwaves Guest

    Looks like they have a downloadable version for $10 less. It has fewer presets, no demos and only 3 noise print samples but is otherwise the same.
  7. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Guest

    How about a link where I can find it or do I have to go searching or begging for it? Please Mr. engineer, I'm a good girl! You think it's better than audition do you? You think it's better than sonic foundries 2.0? I know you're not necessarily speaking about record transfers. I am getting ready to start on a huge 78 rpm, 65-year-old platters with lots of scratches and plenty of surface noise, to CD project. I'm not going to be doing these transfers at 78 but will be doing them, probably at 45 rpm. I still haven't worked out the sample rate selection and pitch correction. Haven't had the time to experiment enough yet. Any suggestions Cucco for an old dumb engineer??? I'm going to have to get a 78 rpm stylus or two to fit either my Shure or Stanton cartridges. I think I'll actually get better results playing them back at the slower speed. A new version of half speed mastering! Isn't it amazing how the same thing can be two different things?

  8. Thomas W. Bethel

    Thomas W. Bethel Well-Known Member

    Of course the parent company for both is Magix so I would assume they would be "stealing" some of the software from Samplitude to use in this application. There was a post on another form saying that you could get a really dumed down version of Samplitude by puchasing this program that you mentined. By the way how much is it? <G>
  9. lucidwaves

    lucidwaves Guest

    The clickable link is in the first post as the word THIS where it says "Check out THIS"

    Put if you prefer to copy and paste:
  10. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    Hey Tom -

    That's actually Magix's Music Studio 10 Delux. It's around $80 but is insanely much like samplitude! It even includes elastic audio and better MIDI too.

    Everyone keep an eye on Magix's low end stuff - it will make SADiE obsolete soon... :lol:

  11. DavidSpearritt

    DavidSpearritt Well-Known Member

    Can I use this in Wavelab? Is it DirectX or VST or what? Cannot find this info on the website.
  12. mdemeyer

    mdemeyer Active Member

    Any comment on the DVD-Audio burning (4-channel surround). Their notes seem rather cryptic about requiring 'special DVD players' to play these discs.

    And only $40...
  13. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member


    No, sorry. This is a standalone program. At this point, I am testing it to see if rendering a file in it will cause any damage to the source. So far, I haven't seen any problems. (It maintains 24 bit through the process, though some of the more powerful engines are obviously 32 or beyond now.)

    So far, in comparison, I have made an edit in Sequoia and the same edit (using a VST plug available to both programs) in this new program and have found the results to be identical. (Inverted sums null)

    As for the DVD-A burning - I would trust that it does just fine. It seems to be a similar method in which Sequoia uses. You do need a special player (a DVD-A player) to play back any discs burned in this method, but they are becoming more and more popular. I am curious as to why they felt it acceptable to leave out the 5th and the .1 channel available to DVD-A, but I guess they figure for music, it just isn't that important.

  14. TrilliumSound

    TrilliumSound Active Member

    This is all great and very nice and cool but....

    How much is it? :lol:

    No offense Cucco, just joking :wink:
  15. JoeH

    JoeH Well-Known Member

    So if I'm reading this correctly, Jeremy.... doesn't run like a "Plug in" (Even in Samp/Sequoia), so you can't break a large object (say, 5-10 or even 20 minutes long) into a smaller object (say, 2-3 minute long - because reNOVAtor doesn't like big files), and then reverse click on the object and open the Spectral Editor that way? THAT would be insanely cool and affordable.

    I'm guessing instead you have to "Save" or bounce each area you want to fix and re-open it in the stand-alone version, yes? That takes longer, but as you's a LOT cheaper than $3k. I've been using reNOVAtor more and more on classical mastering projects to remove cars, trucks, squeaks etc. throughout a whole disc, but if all you need is a few fixes here and there, it's a steal, indeed.

    I forget though....HOW much did you say it cost? :twisted:
  16. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    Correct Joe.

    It works as a standalone program. The way I'll likely use it is one of the following:

    1. As a two bus editor to remove what I need to after all has been bounced down.

    2. Bounce a single track out (if the noise is localized to 1 track) and fix it then drop it back into the waveform editor in Seq.

    It's a small work-around, but worth the $2960 savings!


    PS - as of yet, I have found no evidence of degradation of sound using this software in the chain.

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