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Alta Moda AM-10

Discussion in '500 series' started by audiokid, Oct 22, 2011.

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    TDThe BAlta Moda AM-10B is a single channel compressorlimiter designed for use in 500-series compatible rack systems. The AM-10 features a discrete FET gain control element with independent compression and limiter functions.

    The compression section of the Alta Moda AM-10 uses a soft-knee feedback-type topology, reminiscent of many classic and much-admired compressors of yesteryear. The compressor's timing can be controlled automatically (Auto mode) or dramatically altered using the wide-ranging and fully variable attack and release controls. A built-in three-position high pass sidechain filter has also been included for enhanced low-frequency control.TD

    The limiter section is a peak detecting hard-knee style, its control signal being taken from the output of the Effect level pot. Limiting ranges from approximately 25dB down to 4dB. With a little experimentation, many severe and colorful compression effects are possible. This section also includes its own three-position high-pass sidechain filter.

    Both sections can be independently linked to other AM-10 units – the compressor uses true power summing when linked, while the limiter section uses greater-of-two peak response when linked.

    Separate 7-element LED meters monitor gain reduction and output level simultaneously.

    The AM-10's mix section is comprised of two controls: a level control for the gain cell and a Dry signal level control, giving the ability to blend varying amounts of dry and compressed signals together at the output.
    BAlta Moda AM-10's featuresB

    *Discrete FET gain control element
    *Independent compressor and limiter sidechains
    *Automatic or fully-variable compression attack and release controls
    *Switchable limiter release times
    *Independent three-position sidechain filters on both compressor and limiter
    *Link control – compressor and limiter sidechains can be linked separately to other AM-10 modules
    *Dual metering – LED metering shows gain reduction and output level simultaneously
    *Effect level control with 20dB gain make up after compression
    *Built-in mix control to add dry signal back into output path
    *500-series rack compatible module

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