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alternatives to Digidesign

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Felix, Jul 5, 2001.

  1. Felix

    Felix Guest

    i have a PTIII system(2 dsp farms) and feel fairly abandoned by digidesign in terms of upgrading options. their 001 system is a dead end and their MIX TDM systems are ridiculously high priced. they won't make anything past v5.01 work for PTIII either. so, which company out there should i be paying attention to in terms of finding a comparable system to PT MIX TDM? MOTU seems to be the closest possibilty so far. are they going to offer the ability to use dsp cards or devices (even non-PCI ones preferably). how does Digital Performer with ProTools software? how about reliabilty? i'm tired of waiting for Digidesign to come up with an acceptable soltion. and i also don't have much faith in them as a company that will be fair with me in the future(ie. if i buy the MIX system for 7 g's+, how will they screw me over in a year or two?) am i just dreaming that someone else will come to the rescue here? is truely impossible for any one to come up with something as good as ProTools 5.1.1 with external DSP processing(TDM or something comparable or better?) most of the pro's with big bucks will obviously not sympathize with the financial woes, but as for offering solutions at any price...(such as an option for editing sessions on a laptop or more interface options). in a way, i hate to dis Digidesign because of how significant they are in terms of the last ten years of digital recording evolution, but they seem to be getting too big and are losing touch. i don't think they care at all about losing my business. :(
  2. Jon Best

    Jon Best Active Member

    Aside from the inevitable Paris reply :), I'll put a word in for Logic on a mac. Wait for the TC Powercore to get bought by a couple thousand people and get the bugs worked out, and buy one or two. Buy an Emagic/Mackie Logic Control, an RME card, and two or three RME 8 channel AD/DA's, and you're at substantially less than a Mix+ system, you have hardware control, your converters are at _least_ as good as an 888, and everything is individually upgradeable.

    Of course, you have to learn Logic, but the first thing you can do is import all your PT shortcuts. The rest shouldn't be a big deal.... :)
  3. You may want to check our Soundscape R.Ed. It's PC based, but all processing occurs in a seperate box so it'll run on a 486. They have one of the best upgrade reputations around and their latest software still runs on their earliest hardware, (developed in 1993). They have extra DSP cards (Mixpander) that feature up to 9 motorola DSP chips each. Whilst not having all of the features of PT, it does cover most. For the few things it wont do I use Logic, and either fly audio between the two or run then in sync. It uses TDIF for I/O which means you can use their own converters (extremely good) or 3rd party ADAs.

    Most importantly it's by far the easiest and most reliable system I've ever worked with (including PT, Logic).

  4. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Paris, Soundscape are great options indeed..the flexability to use DSP powered PCI cards are definately a plus..Nuendo also has the ability to use any hardware and use DSP powered PCI cards as well..MOTU is nice but is very system dependent as well. Each one of the above mentioned packages is definately affordable compared to a full blown PT system. I will definately agree with you on the Digidesign "screw you" type of attitude that they have. Even the tech support will give you attitude. Sad as it may be!! You'd figure a company with their foot in the door for many years would be gracious and happy you own their product. But that's how they keep making money, screwing you every oppurtunity they can get..that's why I went with Nuendo...any hardware you want plus the ability to use any system you want...no major hardware issues, no limitations on SCSI throughput(only 20MB/s in PT..up to 60+MB/s with Nuendo!!!) I personally think the combination of Nuendo with a DSP powered PCI effects card is the way to go..I have never worked on a soundscape system but look forward to trying it out one of these days to see what all the hub bub is about with it!! Also many controller surfaces are popping up for many of the packages out there.
  5. Felix

    Felix Guest

    Paris works on Mac. does Nuendo? will it? will Soundscape? i've already researched Paris a while back. it was far too limited in terms of third party plugs and expansion at the time. i suppose i'll research Nuendo and Soundscape some more. its valuable to hear feedback from those who have used ProTools frequently as well.(thanks) most people who are set with ProTools swear that nothing else is as reliable and thoroughly worked out with software as ProTools, thus the high price tag.
    also, how goes the compatability between nuedo and soundscape sessions with ProTools?
  6. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Nuendo is now on a mac...you can use OMF export to use a Nuendo session in Pro Tools...how well it works I couldnt vouch but I'm sure there are people who have done it..I used to take MX2424 files and bring it into Nuendo flawlessly tho! It was quite a feature to be able to bring time stamped files from a hard disk system into a DAW effortlessly! Nuendo is really gaining some hype but also has drawbacks like any other piece of audio gear..always pro's and con's in some form or another..I am very happy with what Nuendo offers..it's very flexible to my needs..but that's me..many others find other programs better...

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