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Amateur home studio optimization

Discussion in 'Room Acoustics / Studio Design' started by THB, Apr 17, 2014.

  1. THB

    THB Active Member

    Hi everyone,

    I am currently trying to step up my game a little, and move away from producing mainly on headphones. To do so, I am planning on using my Kitchen/living area as a space. This seems like a bad idea at first, but because I rarely use the kitchen, and usually do my studio in large chunks over 3 weeks, with a week or two break after each "session", it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

    So, My Kitchen/Living room is 5409mm x 4369mm x 2450mm (LxWxH) (Not including the kitchen bit. Length is measured from the back of the room to the front of the cupboards) resulting in a volume of 57.92m³. The ratio is 1:1.78:2.21. All walls are think brickwork covered in plaster. Below is a sketch of the room. I included the proposed layout of my 1500mm x 750mm work desk, the speaker positioning in red ,my head position and the first reflection point absorbtion in blue.

    I only own a very bad pair of speakers at the moment and I'm therefore buying a new pair. I'm torn between the Yamaha HS8 (Bass reflex opening at the back) and the Adam F7 (Opening at the front).

    Proposed layout 1 : Living_Room_Plan2.jpg

    There grey box at the back represents an excavation in the wall for a fireplace. It is 1200mm high and 550mm deep.
    There is no sofa/bean bag in the room (yet), but I am planning on putting one in there.
    I am also planning on making all wall absorbtion "good looking" so it can be installed permanently without making the room like like a studio. I have already read a few threads on covering insulation (mineral whool) in fabric for that.

    The window is a good bit behind the first reflection point as well, so I assumed it wouldn't be a problem either.
    I think a problem with the yamaha HS8 would be, that the area behind the speakers (the "kitchen") would form a very uneven reflection area for the bass reflex opening at the back.
    The cupboards are all wooden, while the back face and the workplace are covered with a 2mm think aluminum layer.
    The speakers would be at the same height as the aluminum backwall.
    Picture: (http://postimg.org/image/zcnq38agn/)
    Another one of the Problems I see is the small entrance "room" that is connected to the bottom right. I tried to work around it by placing the speakers at around the same height the entrance to that little room starts, so all deflections are away from it. Could it still be a problem? A closeup of the extra room and its connection to the main room is attached (there's no door).

    Proposed layout 2:

    In this case, I would get the Adam F7 becuase the speakers have to be right at the wall in order to create a first reflection point thats in front of the window, and not covering the window.

    So, my main questions:
    1. Would the small entrance area have big negative effects?
    2. What about the kitchen area? Will it affect the sound negatively, especially with the rear port speakers?
    3. Would everything at the back be the better position?
    4. Making the sound panels for the first point of reflection a little bit bigger than they have to be, so they can be in the center of a wall does no harm, right?
    5. What other additional sound treatment is neccesary or advisable?

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  2. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    nice kitchen, terrible room for audio .....
  3. THB

    THB Active Member

    That just felt like a kick in the balls :)
    Was pretty confident on this.
    The only other option I have is the room attached, with the following dimensions: 522cmx282cmx245cm (LxWxH)

    Standard enough bedroom, but with a large window at the "back" and a bed in the middle.

  4. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    well i didn't mean to rain on your parade. if i were you i would get some small monitors and set everything up in the middle of the room in as small a space as possible. perhaps hang some panels or moving blankets and fire the mons in the opposite direction of the kitchen. the idea is to set up in a position that is as symmetrical as possible.

    Space may have some better suggestions but that's what i would do. i wouldn't try to take it too far. it's always going to be a better kitchen than a c/r.
  5. THB

    THB Active Member

    Bleak times.
    I am really looking for the best possible solution here, as I can't afford to rent a separate room.
    What room do you think is suited better?
    I am not trying to build a reference room that is ideal, I'm just trying to make the most out of what I have.

    In the second room, the grey box is a fireplace again which is pretty low and shouldn't affect anything really and the radioator on the bottom left isn't actually there, but it's a flat wall instead.

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