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Ampex mm1100 playback levels

Discussion in 'Recording' started by thinktank2, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. thinktank2

    thinktank2 Guest

    I just picked up a 2'' ampex mm1100 and
    am curious if I'm recording music (after
    aligning the maching) at 0 vu and I've
    set the machine up for +6 at 0 vu (if
    that makes sense), should the playback
    be the same level or lower? When I play
    back the music from the machine, the vu
    meters seem a lot lower (maybe it's -6
    vu lower) and the audio coming out is
    a lot lower. Any advice?

    New to recording analog. Lovin it though!

  2. davidollard

    davidollard Active Member

    Ampex MM-1100 levels


    I just came across this question of yours from 8 months ago (!).

    If the levels coming back off tape are different to the input levels, it just means that you need to line up the machine!

    Follow the instructions in the manual and you will be fine. Repro levels and EQ first, bias next, record levels and EQ last. Done right, the levels (and EQ!) will be identical from input to output. Email me if you need any more help - I know these machines quite well. I also have lots of spare parts if you ever need anything.



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