Analog Spring reverb decision

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Spring reverb decision

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  1. Carl Martin Headroom

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  2. Demeter Reverberator

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  3. Vanamps Sole-mate

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  4. Mahaffay Little Lanilei

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  1. Viceroy is a cat

    Viceroy is a cat Active Member

    Hello everyone,

    So I know there's a few posts out there on this topic already so you'd think I could make my mind up but I'm actually torn! I don't have access to play any of the options I'm considering, so I'm reaching out for help.

    I'm looking at the following spring reverbs

    Carl Martin - headroom
    Demeter - Reverberator
    VanAMps - Sole-mate
    Mahaffay - Little Lanilei

    They are all analog spring reverb pedals as I run an all analog studio and like to keep things consistent. This would be primarly for guitar, looking for low noise threashold (as it's for studio use) but something with the ability to get dick dale dirty if I needed it. So... any advise? any pedals I've missed that are comparable?


    Viceroy is a cat.
  2. Paul999

    Paul999 Active Member

    I am not very picky when it comes to spring reverbs. I use fender guitar amps. I reamp out, turn the reverb up to full and mic the amp. Sometimes I use a little fender sidekick and use the headphone out. Spring reverb is quite lofi and I never had the gumption to overthink it.
  3. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    I have a 73 Fender Pro Reverb that I will ocassionally re-amp to....but I also have a Van Amps unit. The only issue that I have had with the Van Amps box is that the friggin' footswitch is on the box...everytime you kick it in or out the physical disturbance makes the springs "boing"....
    I have to say that the Demeter is probably the one you should be looking at. It is clean unless you really saturate the input, and the noise levels are MUCH lower than a guitar amp's going to be. I don't have one but have used them before. All of James' gear is well built and lasts an eternity. Probably more pricey over there across the pond, though...
    By the way, that Mahaffay Little Lanilei is not a reverb unit, it is a cheesey rotary speaker :) Tried it, sent it back, still suffering back pains from moving my Model 16 Leslie...LOL!
  4. Viceroy is a cat

    Viceroy is a cat Active Member

    Thanks moonbaby, that is very helpful! I guess the goal is one day to get a valve reverb unit, the peavey or the fender. But i never see the peaveys for sale and the fender is pretty pricey. The demeter looks great on paper and sound on sound gave it a sweet review and used it as a studio insert, which is a bonus. So it looks like it could be the one. Any experience with the roland 501?
  5. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    If by "501" you mean the Space Echo tape delay machines they made in the 70-80's, I still have the "555" which has chorus and a spring reverb besides the tape delay. Other than that line, I am not familiar with another Roland spring reverb...
    BTW, the reverb in the Space Echoes is pretty lame, very metallic-sounding..
  6. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Peavey Reverb/Tremelo Tube Powered Unit

    i used to own this same unit but i sold it off a couple of years ago. it looks like the guy who bought it from me is selling it now. if i had the cash and a real need for it i would buy it back but it doesn't make much sense for me at this point so i will gladly pass the opportunity off to you.

    i do recommend it. i used it for years and i never wished for more. it's a very nice unit.
  7. Viceroy is a cat

    Viceroy is a cat Active Member

    Just committed to the demeter. Thanks for your help!

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