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Discussion in 'Showcase Work' started by Jimmylovespage, Oct 30, 2015.

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    What did you expect ? I went on the page and there is no sample to listen to..
    This is called Showcase Your Work not sale your stuff
    This place is more about : hey I present myself, if you want to have a better idea about who I am, this is a project I worked on ... ;)
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    You will get more responses from members if you upload here using the "Upload A File" button and upload your work at 320kbps MP3.

    May I suggest uploading your songs one at a time...that way members can comment / critique / give you feedback on your work...if thats what your intent is.

    I, like many other members here, refuse to click on a link I am not familiar with.

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    it's an interesting idea. i do wonder if the producers of this CD have cleared the rights with H.G.Wells' publishers. it might not be a good thing to have a link to it here.
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    Thanks guys. I am the producer/engineer/artist on this. Anything over 75 years old is in the public domain, so I didn't need any licensing. This link is to my own website, and it is very thorough and complete, and has many samples. It has 3 pages. But I'll upload some stuff here later. This is a very different project. It is a double-CD (89 minutes), has running narration and 15 songs all telling the story. I hired pro V/O artists and vocalists. (one is from Disney). It would be hard to get an idea from a song or two, but I'll upload a couple of the stand alone songs and see what people think. Right on, Jim
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    I haven't listened to your project, as I'm hesitant to go to a link posted by someone I don't know, so I'm not sure how you used material that may - or may not be - allowable by public domain.

    You are correct, in that anything older than 75 years is in the public domain, and can be used without payment of licensing.

    However, this same public domain law does not apply to sound recordings, so if you happened to use a previously existing recorded sample within your works, the public domain rights would not apply.

    From Public Domain/Sherpa website:

    Congress extended federal copyright protection to sound recordings on February 15, 1972, and they chose Feb. 15, 2047 as the date those recordings would enter the public domain (a term of 75 years).
    But thanks to the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act, that term has been extended to Feb. 15, 2067.

    So until that magic date in 2067, pre-1972 sound recordings are protected by a panoply of state laws (anti-piracy and unfair trade practice laws, for example), some of which are quite strict.

    More info here:

    Now... to be realistic about it, I doubt very much that someone would care enough to complain about a violation of this law appearing here on RO, ( or even on your album if the number of units sold was under 10,000) and even if they did, we would receive a notice of "cease and desist" before any damages were filed for in a court of law.
    In short, no one is going to file a law suite against RO ( or you, either) to collect the $1 that we would be forced to pay, if we ignored the cease and desist order first, and a court of law determined that damages were owed. ;)

    Regarding your link - most of my colleagues here share the same basic hesitancy that I do, in terms of visiting a site and downloading files from someone we aren't yet familiar with, so you'd probably get more response to your work if you uploaded files directly here. Please don't take offense to this, for it's not intended. We're just being cautious, as we would expect you to be as well. ;)

    Uploading your work directly to RO doesn't guarantee that you'll get any responses, nor does it guarantee that you won't also get critiques of the material, but it's far more likely that you'll get people to listen, and perhaps respond.

    Before you do post, do keep in mind that RO does have a TOS for posting recordings; the main requirement being that the song(s) must include at least one track where an actual microphone was used to record.

    Vocals, guitars, whatever, as long as you incorporated a microphone somewhere in the performance.
    We did this to ward-off those who wanted to post songs that were made up of nothing but samples....

    As our name implies, we are - not "". ;)

    How to upload:

    On the bottom-right side of your screen, located just to the right of "Post Reply" is the "Upload a File" button.
    Click on this, and you will be prompted to browse for the file that you want to upload; once the file is selected, be patient, the upload time depends on the file size and your local internet connection speed.
    RO's media player will support MP3's up to 320kbps in resolution.

    Welcome to RO. :)

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    This is the opener. "The Time Machine".


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    And some of the others. Right on guys.


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    First question: Why?
    Second Question: Are you doing this with a wink or is it sincere?
    Third Question: Assuming a labour of love - is this self financed and is there a business model to recoup cost/make money?
    Fouth Question: How's it been doing over the last year? What kind of feedback?
    Fifth Question: What's next? Where do you go from here - either yourself or with this project?

  11. Sean G

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    Thats my first question offense to you @Jimmylovespage but I cannot understand the concept behind this.

    Who is the target audience?

    From a commercial viewpoint younger online consumers aged 24 and under are the largest users of online streaming services and music downloads, followed closely by 25-29 year olds...personally I cannot see this really appealing to them. So you are really targeting older consumers who are probably the smallest group of online consumers when it comes to music if this is a commercial venture.

    I am 45 years old so I probably sit right in the middle of that group for age, although with my background in music it would be safe to say I would probably consume more music via online streaming and downloads than the average person my age. No offence, but listening to it not once did I think "Oh, where can I download / buy it from...?"...I didn't find it all too appealing.
    Nothing personal, it just did nothing for me musically, and left me asking more questions than giving me answers...which in itself distracts you from what is actually going on and gives you a sense of disconnect from it all.

    I'm still trying to get my head around the concept of tying a story written in 1895 to a narrated story with modern music set in the offense but I can't see the marriage between the two. It feels like an akward concept IMO.

    To be honest, the opening track sounds like it needs some work...the drums sound like they are a little dry and clunky and panned left when they should be centred IMO... sounds like there is the odd timimg issue with the drum track, and I'm sure there are copyright issues in using the THX sweep at the beginning.

    The other tracks sound a little more polished...but all the way through I kept asking myself Why?......What's the purpose of this??

    Have you attempted to go for a War Of The Worlds type concept here?

    Again, I mean you no offense, you posted it here for the opinion of others and I am only giving you my honest opinion. Again, its nothing personal...just not my cup of tea.

    If this is some labour of love because you have been a lifelong fan of the story and thought this concept was a good idea, then kudos to you for following through and realising your dream.

    At the end of the day it doesn't matter what I or anyone else think of it, it is what you think of it.;)

  12. DogsoverLava

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    I'll add to this because I've been to the website too and remember your early posts about it -- you need to change how you market this -- play up the nostalgia of the old teleplay or radio play drama elements - acknowledge the camp elements that are there. You need to sell the cheese not pretend it doesn't exist. Your main page needs to be punctuated with graphic art - graphic novel style selling the story (in fact -- a graphic novel companion piece bundled with this would really give you a package to sell). I don't want to be reading BIO's of B & C list talent on your main selling page -- that $*^t should be much deeper in the site because none of it is going to sell me on the project -- you gotta sell me on the idea - the fun of it - the camp of it - the nostalgia of it --- you need to break this into nerd culture/comi-con culture -- that's why graphic novels/elements should be all over your page.... it should be steam punk meets Dr Who meets Old school Sci-Fi screaming "Hey Nerds -- buy me!"

    Part of our problem here is you've not prepared us how to receive this -- you need to prime your audience so they know how to listen to the piece. Example: that first song. It's absolutely got an amateur old school feel/sound -- but I think that's what you wanted right? Like old school synth patches that make 2112 seem cutting edge modern? --- exaggerated dramatics in the reading --- that's all fun stuff in a campy celebrate the camp kind of way. But we need the cues --- Unless this is an Ed Wood situation where you don't know what you've made (cult camp)... hopefully it's not an Ed Wood situation.

    You should even consider this as an animated film --- I can imagine it playing really well as an animated Web series of feature.... an Animated HG Wells Sci-Fi Rock Opera.... I could see this get all kinds of traction presented that way.
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    See, thats' the thing...I'm very familiar with The Time Machine...I read the novel at a young age and I am a big fan of the original movie made in 1960 starring Rod Taylor...I must have seen it at least 20 times in the past 35 years...and I still love sitting down to watch it on occasion.

    So personally I don't think I needed to be primed for this, in fact, maybe being very familiar with The Time Machine from my perspective has just added to the disconnect for me.

  14. DogsoverLava

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    I am too but I was only a fan at arms length - I found him too antiquated and too "male" in an 19th century kind of way. I preferred that generation of British modernist writers that came after him (like DH Lawrence) and found his contemporary, the French author Jules Vern, more to my sensitivities. If I were making this into a rock opera - I'd play up some of that square shouldered male centrism in the way the studios used Charlton Heston in things like Omega man and Planet of the Apes -- Only Heston wasn't aware that he was the joke in that regard.
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    Well, it's his art, guys... and art isn't always universally loved or respected.

    While a lot of listeners would likely consider Sgt. Pepper to be a masterpiece, not everyone would.
    I've never been a fan of Andy Warhol's work, but I sure know a lot of people who are.

    It's all in the eyes - or ears - of the beholder. Whether I personally like someone's art or not, I respect any artist who is committed to a vision, to their passion, and sees things through, because that's not an easy thing to do, and we all know this.
    And accordingly, the artist has to realize and accept that not everyone will like what they've done, either.

  16. Sean G

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    I respect the fact the OP has devoted 5 years to this, and followed it through from start to finish. Thats admirable. I agree with you there.

    I was only giving my honest opinion...and that is just that, my opinion, no-one elses...
    - I don't speak for anyone else in giving my opinion.

    As to whether I like it or not, I'm sure the OP wouldn't really care what I think. I can't understand the concept or reason, but hey that may just be me.

    There is plenty of art out there that I don't understand and maybe this is just one of them.

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    I super curious about this Donny - particularly because it's a passion project. There's a context where I imagine this could do well but I think that depends on how it is promoted and sold. What I'm not sure about is if we are seeing the full presentation in that regard. Certainly even here there was some immediate confusion (even a negative reaction to) the nature of the post as appearing to be less about "hear my work" and more about "buy my work". Before the sound clips got updated I went into the OP's old posts for more info on the project and to the website -- it was the website that surprised and underwhelmed me. Completing ANY project of this magnitude is already impressive as hell - I'm just curious to understand the vision more.
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    Thanks guys for honest responses.
    I heard Jeff Wayne's 'War of the Worlds', and it gave me the idea to do this. I thought it was a fantastic idea, but have since been grounded in the reality of the music business. My friend (guitar player) and I wrote the stuff for this and recorded it here in my personal studio. It did take a full 5 years to finish due to the complexities of recording, mixing, writing lyrics, auditioning vocalists and the voiceover artists, etc. Then there was the editing, etc. I did this all on an Akai DPS24. But it has always been a labor of love. At least I can 'die now' knowing I indeed finished my dream. :)
    I am from the 70's (I'm 56), and as you can tell, it has roots in this era for sure. I cannot even market this as a download due to its having to be cut up in 'songs'. I subscribed to CD baby, Amazon, itunes, etc. and have sold 2 copies in a year. It is a replicated CD with a 16 page booklet, etc. Even my website has got no purchases. It is very daunting, and even as pessimistic as I am, I have to admit this took me by surprise. I sent this out to 25 'friends', and only 2 even got back to me to even say thank you, or 'nice project.' So yeah the times they are a changin' for sure. Even faster now. If the Beatles came out today, they'd be laughed at. I believe there is a niche market for this, but now realize I have to be a social media expert now, too. I am no good at promoting stuff. I have no 'friends' or real network anyway. I'm old-school; I actually call people.
    The first song is meant to be 'retro-futuristic'. The album starts out with a 30 second opening line of narration, then goes right into the first song. It's 2 minutes long. Then right back into the story as it begins. All the songs are different styles, and the project is meant to be listened to as a whole. Like a movie, even. A lot of you are saying it left you 'disconnected', is it because you're hearing this all out of context? If anyone here wants to be representative of this site, I would be glad to ship them a copy to evaluate on the whole. I had the whole thing professionally mastered in Nashville, and I thought it sounded good cranked up proper. We really put a lot of work into the guitar leads, as they are 'written', and not just a bunch of notes played. I fully realize that this has nothing to do with 'modern music' and the way things are today. I have friends who are in their 40's, and have never listened to Zeppelin, or the Beatles. (!)

    I super-appreciate all the comments and recommendations and also the advice for marketing and my website. It needs all the help it can get! :) JLP
  19. Sean G

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    That could very well be the case for me...Its hard to really get a feel or really get into something, especially something of this nature where there is an evolving story in the background when you are hearing snippets. To me I would equate that to reading a book but only reading a few pages of each chapter...then trying to get a grasp of what the book is about in detail, which makes it a little hard to assess.

    I would be open-minded enough to listen to the whole thing from start to finish...maybe if you uploaded it to dropbox (they offer up to 2 gig free ) and sent me a private message with the link?

    If not I would be open to you sending me a copy...I would even be happy to pay for it and cover postage costs as a sign of respect for you as an artist.

    That way I could hear it in full if you like and get a better grasp of it.

    Devoting 5 years of your life to a project is a huge undertaking and very admirable...most people would not take on such a task, and many of those who do would probably abandon it part way through and not complete it.

    Have you looked at marketing this more as an audio book, but with a musical soundtrack? In a past life I was a sales rep for many years and audio books were popular with the reps who travelled long distances in the car...I covered a whole state as a territory, travelling up to 5 days in the car at a time on round trips in the country and because Australia is vast and wide open its common to lose radio reception between towns...which is where the audio books would come in. When you would meet up with other reps on the road you knew it was common to swap our audio books amongst ourselves when staying at the same town and motel, it was a bit of a thing to do amongst our industry.

    This would have been ideal from the perspective that it mixes a story and music which breaks it up a little.
    I still keep in contact from time to time with some of my old colleges and they still love their audio books for the long trips...they can save you from the boredom and the broken white-line hypnosis of long hours on a roadtrip where a big part of your job involves driving.

    Anyway, just thinking out loud, I'm sure after 5 years you may have already thought about that as a way to market this.

    - Sean.
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    Is there a way to PM me?

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