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Anormal VST Performance in CubaseSX3!

Discussion in 'Cubase' started by mckaymental, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. mckaymental

    mckaymental Guest

    Hi Guys! I'm running the same setupt for 2 years now and I never had any issues concerning VST Performance. 2 days ago I moved and then I re-installed my setup in my new home and problems appeared..

    I open 1 instance of Superior Drummer with a guitar track with a light-consuming compressers from URS and my audio crackles in playback.
    I can see my VST Performance going up and down even without any playback going on. Something weird seems to happen with my VST Performance and I really don't like it.

    I have a Dual Core2 with 4gigs of ram. I never had any problems of that kind even with several instance of cpu consuming vsti such as Amplitube...

    Please help me on this one! :)

  2. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    Increase the buffer latency on your sound card.
  3. mckaymental

    mckaymental Guest

    I didn't touch the buffer latency and it was going great since 2 years, I just took my computer and stuff to another house and it does that. I don't think it will solve my problem! I get crackle in sound even when I record
  4. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    If your computer was not reformatted, AND you have double triple checked that the latency wasn't somehow changed, then that leaves only a couple of things.

    1) You have a bad cable.
    2) You have a bad jack on one of your pieces of equipment.

    Either of these things could appear after a move. Live road shows deal with this all the time.

    Basic trouble shooting is to start by unplugging everything and beginning one cable at a time. If you find a noisy cable and solve the problem by swapping the cable-culprit found. If a new cable doesn't fix the issue then perhaps it is the jack on either end. Try a different channel if possible or physically wiggle the cable to try to fix/make worse the condition.
  5. mckaymental

    mckaymental Guest

    Thanks! A bad cable can cause VST Performance to go crazy??

    Thanks a lot!
  6. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    Sorry, I've had analog on the brain lately.

    It is unlikely a cable unless your sound card is external. If that's the case try a different USB/Firewire/Midi cable. I would still go check the latency even if it worked before. Increase it even if just to rule it out. Also, make sure your networking adapters are disabled. Just basically double check the usual types of stuff even if you KNOW nothing has been changed. There was just a different thread where the poster found that his onboard firewire jack went bad. S/he didn't believe it until he swapped in a new PCIe firewire card and that fixed the problems.

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