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Answering the call for VO

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Jumpmonkey, May 9, 2013.

  1. Jumpmonkey

    Jumpmonkey Active Member

    So, I never set out to do VO, but I was playing around with a new mic, made a silly recording and sent it to a friend (you know, so he could laugh at it, then delete it.) He works with a small non-profit television studio. Joy of joys, he shares it with his boss and a couple other guys and I get a request for VO work. I am more than happy to oblige but... I have no VO training, I have no knowledge of the standards of the field. I'm just a little-experienced guy making recordings as best he can.

    Vocal coach - unless they work for $10 an hour or less, its more important to keep the lights on in the house.
    So, then it comes to learn by reading. Can anyone recommend me solid websites or books on the subject? I'll take, and want, info on everything from how to use my voice as best I can, to how to process the audio properly for TV. I looked at some books but there are a million out there that I believe were written by readers of I.B. Greedily's famous "How to get rich: Writing how to's for people who want to get rich."

    Equipment wise (incase it helps)
    Mic's SM7b, Baby Bottle, Beta 58a
    Pre: Warm Audio WA12
    EQ: Ashly GQX-3102
    Expander: Behringer XR4400
    Comp: ART PRO-VLA II (Out getting lightweight mod at JJ's)
    Recorder: TASCAM DR-40 (Tryign to figure out how to weasel my money into a Red Sparrow MkII)

    Any recommended reading, any tips/advice, any creative and amusing threats of bodily harm, will all be appreciated.
  2. CoyoteTrax

    CoyoteTrax Well-Known Member

    Just my opinion, but if they like what they heard, I would tend to just do what they ask without worrying about changing anything unless they ask you too. Sounds like you're already doing everything right and have a natural talent. So enjoy your natural talent without analyzing, is what I'm suggestion.
  3. Jumpmonkey

    Jumpmonkey Active Member


    Thanks for the reply. I am told I have a "radio voice" untrained though it be. I've heard this enough that there is either merit to it, or enough people are too deaf to know the difference, either way works for me. As far as the folks asking me for VO, I appreciate what their doing, I want to help, but... Truth be told, I know enough about their operation to know their comprehension of audio extends about as far as gaining up a mic, and their idea of processed audio is to occasionally normalize it in post. That is to say, I don't really even hold them up to a standard of mediocrity at the moment.

    Thanks again,
  4. kmetal

    kmetal Kyle P. Gushue Well-Known Member

    as they say ignorance is bliss. don't let it get to your head, and do what they want, no? gotta take what you can get. look at is as an opportunity for OJT on the job training. who knows where it will go, maybe no further, but hey it's all fun, maybe you can show them a thing or to to help them improve their mediocrity too.

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