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Ant trs 700

Discussion in 'Vintage Analog Gear' started by Jaike, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. Jaike

    Jaike Active Member


    I realize it's a long, long shot, but does anyone by any chance have the schematics for one of these:


    It's an ANT TR700 German broadcast desk made in... sometime in the 1980s?

    I've searched high and low for info on this, and specfically the schematics, but no luck so far.

    Any ideas would be great, thanks a lot!
  2. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    my guess it's a telefunken. i would think siemens might of had a finger in it too. a look in that direction might get you what you need.

    what's wrong with it?
  3. Jaike

    Jaike Active Member

    Indeed, yes, it's an ANT Telefunken... I've been in touch with Bosch and Phillips who were both invloved in the buyout of ANT and Telefunken to some extent, although my knowledge of the extact history of these brands is more than a little sketchy. I haven't looked into Siemens yet.

    There's nothing wrong with this mixer - in fact it works great :) (the expansion outs and ins have been removed however, and it would be nice to install them again); but I do have some extra channels I'd like to use in a rack...
  4. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    yeah that looks like it would be a perfect for recording to and summing a DAW rig.
  5. Jaike

    Jaike Active Member

    Exactly... 4-band EQ and 4 aux sends on each channel. Inserts on all channels and auxes... Plus an in-built limiter on the master bus. A biy slow, but a nice feature.
    Anyway, gotta find those documents...
  6. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Guest

    The worst that might be facing you simply having to trace out an input module? Then ya have to trace out the summoning and output amplifiers. A bit of a pain but doable when ya have to do it. At least it's not an SSL 4000 LOL. It's small. It's simple. Likely nothing proprietary? Tracing is fairly boring and then ya have to look up all of the parts and their ratings. And many of us have had to do that over the years. And then a lot of people will modify electronics and never document what they did. So even if you do get the drawings, it might not reflect what is actually there? And sometimes these drawings also include typographical errors in the drawing of the circuitry. And I've had to deal with that from the best equipment manufacturers like Ampex, Neumann, Scully, from years ago.

    So when something broke or you are trying to build some kind of clone up and the device doesn't work? It's a typo in the schematics! And I've had to find those typos the hard way. The very hard way. The hardest way. I even had to correct the company making some of our calibration equipment. And they never take to that very easily. And who could blame them? It wasn't until I came around to tell them. WTF? Who knew? Ya mean no one else figured this out? Both Ampex and Neumann, laughed at me when I told them about their typos exclaiming..." you found them LOL". Great... thanks. I really needed to unscrew my brain to figure that one out. Both times. Just more fun to have. Like playing Russian roulette with yourself to see who wins.

    Radio Shaft schematics are more accurate.
    Mx. Remy Ann David
  7. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    This may be of some help

    the number V672 keeps coming up when i search this out.


  8. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Guest

    And that looks to be a mighty sweet, virtually all discrete, transistor microphone preamps. One of those legendary preamps like the Neve's & API's made in the fine German tradition of absolute perfection! They made a pretty mean reverb unit also that a few people liked LOL. And that schematic above is everything you probably need to know? It plainly spells it out for you what you have, what you can do with it. And even if there are variations, there probably won't be many variations. Yup, that's a nice piece for sure for sure.

    You lucky duck... damn you!
    Mx. Remy Ann David
  9. Jaike

    Jaike Active Member

    Thanks for all the info everyone, I'll see how far I get...

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