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Discussion in 'Recording' started by macbodock, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. macbodock

    macbodock Guest

    Anyone using any VST plugins from ANWIDA Software? I am looking at the CX1V and L1V to add to my DAW. Looks as if they have a holiday pack at a nice price. Any thoughts? Thanks!

    Warmest Regards,
  2. MilesAway

    MilesAway Guest

    i've used the CX1V in the past... it's a pretty solid comp-plug that i used fairly often on acoustic guitars and overheads with good results. Not a huge fan of it on kick/snare/bass/vocals though. Perhaps it's more the UI than the sound itself but in those cases, i ended up reaching for my Timeworks Comp and got the sound i was after much quicker.

    ... for the price though, i'd say it's worth it.
  3. macbodock

    macbodock Guest

    Thanks for you input. The CX1 is $69 or $129 in the Christmas Pack(CX1V, L1V, GEQ15V and PEQ1V all for $129) which seems like a good pack for someone who's budget is not much. Anyone else?

    Warmest Regards,

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