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Discussion in 'Cubase' started by SeniorFedup, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. SeniorFedup

    SeniorFedup Guest


    The reason i ask is because i am told in the manual that you can control cubase SX3 .
    But the problem lies in... my new cubase version (4.5) if it can happen
    baby please let me in on it.

    Senior FEDUP
  2. apstrong

    apstrong Active Member

    It can be done. I have a M-Audio Prosomethingorother 88 and I set it up so that the transport buttons on the keyboard would activate cubase. It's probably the same procedure for all the faders and knobs and things, but you know, I did that over a year ago and haven't messed with it since. I honestly don't remember how I did it. Not a midi guy usually, but since I had the keyboard, I figured I should set it up once, so I found some instructions on the web somewhere. Sorry I can't be more help, but at least you know it's possible :) Try posting over at cubase.net, one of those midi-geniuses ought to know. Failing that, google til you're blue in the facel, that's what I did.
  3. apstrong

    apstrong Active Member

    I found this:


    And I remember that's where I started the process when I did it a year ago. I've also seen a post on the m-audio forum that says there's an XML file on their site that will work with Cubase 4 and would probably save you a lot of work.
  4. SeniorFedup

    SeniorFedup Guest

    thanks you have been very helpful

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