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Any opinions on Amek Mozart RN?

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by mixfactory, Jan 30, 2002.

  1. mixfactory

    mixfactory Guest

    Has anyone here ever used an Amek Mozart with the Rupert Neve modules? Any opinions on the sound of the board? Any problems? Thanks for the opinions.
  2. I finally got to work on the Media 51 today. We were tracking and I wanted to get an idea of how the board sounded, so I tracked everything through it. It sounded really good. I like the EQ a lot. It does have that Neve thing going on. I really pushed it to see if it had headroom problems. So far I have not been able to get it to distort or sound crunchy, but I have only been recording basics so there aren't many tracks hitting the mix bus yet. I will let you know how things sound when I get to mixing.
  3. MadMoose

    MadMoose Active Member

    I think you've already contacted me, but if you haven't feel free to send me an email. I used to work on one and it's actually still located in NJ. Might be worth booking a few hours to check it out.
  4. Hi Lord Alvin,
    So what are your latest thoughts on the 51? Done any test mixes yet?
  5. Grrr. I spent all day trying to get Supertrue to run. The manuals that came with this console are the worst I have ever seen. I can operate the automation on SSL's, Uptown, Audiomate, V-Desk, Ultramix, Soundcraft Ghost, Cybermix, and Pro Tools and I figured them all out by reading the manuals. Every one of those automation systems I learned on the job as I was mixing and they never slowed me down. I could not even get audio to mix bus for a good portion of the day on the Amek. We had three engineers and a tech all trying to get a simple mix done. I finally gave up and went home after 14 hours of trying.

    I do like how the board sounds. The knobs are kinda crammed close together so if you have fat fingers it could be difficult to use. That is a small thing when you consider what you get for the price. If we don't get a handle on this automation problem soon, I have a feeling the board will be going back to Amek. Too bad since they could solve the problem completely by writing up a one or two page step by step guide titled "Getting Started". It works for SSL. Right now all of the information you need to get going is spread out through the whole manual and it is difficult to comprehend how it all works together without a helpful guide of sorts.
  6. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    I spent 3 years on supertrue, I used to just 'bang' into Absolute-(write) whenever I needed to do something, I never used trim or any fancy "trim takeover" functions. Perhaps working like that (just read & write) might get you through your mix.

  7. Dave McNair

    Dave McNair Active Member

    I have a lot of experience with a Mozart. I think the stock modules offer a little more than the RN modules. The eq on the RN mod might be a tiny bit smoother, but the way the stock module is laid out makes it easier to deal with and I think it just sounds better.
    The Mozart is not a discrete Neve, but it does sound very good and a will blow an SSL away for sonics. Also the vca's are not bad sounding and have an individual channel bypass. The one I have worked on quite a bit, is fitted with Uptown moving faders AND Supertrue. Both systems are good and have their plus and minuses.
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  8. Hey Thrill,
    Did you have problems with the automation also?

    Sorry it ruined your whole day Lord. Was it a problem with the desk itself not operating properly or was it more of a training problem?
    Did you guys call Josh Thomas? Please let us know what finally happens. Hope your day goes better next time.
  9. I think the automation problem is an inadequate manual. I read it through three times yesterday. It explains funtions, but gives no instructions on how to use it. Some examples or suggestions would be nice. I honestly needed little or no training on any other automation system I have ever used. Just scan the manual and go. I am sure that I will get the hang of it soon, but I do think that someone will have to sit down with me and explain it in good ol' American terms. (British manuals are usually fun to read. Not this one.)

    Thanks Jules for the suggestion. I never get into those trim functions either. My problem is just getting a mix started. On the SSL, or any other system I know of, I set my levels and get things sounding good. Then I execute the new mix. After writing the levels to the end, I make adjustments. On Supertrue, I can't even figure out how to begin. I get my mix going, but I can't find out how to enter those levels into the comp and write to end. Any time I try, I get no signal to the master bus.

    Can anyone explain what the Faders Isolate button on the master section does? There is no mention of it in the Media 51 manual or the Supertrue manual. I think it removes the VCA's from the signal path, but I can't be sure. No signal will pass unless it is pushed. How do I mix if the VCA's are not in the signal path?
  10. Victory!!! The problem was the Faders Isolate button. I took the Amek guys word for it that the button took the VCA out of the path. I don't know what it does, but the automation works and allows signal to pass when it is pushed. It actually works just like I thought it should.

    No thanks are given to the authors of the Amek Media 51 manual.
  11. mixfactory

    mixfactory Guest

    Thanks for the info MC. I got a lead on a Mozart with 24RN modules and 16 regular ones. It has Supertrue and it looks like its in good condition. I narrowed my board choices to the Amek Media 51 and the Mozart. They each have their pluses: Media 51-surround ready, Neve Pres and EQs, and size and automation. Also its a new board. The Mozart doesn't have surround but it has some of the others, plus I'm getting it at a fourth of the price of a new Media 51(a great deal). If I do get the Mozart I might have some mods done. One in particular is a mod by Avalon where they can redo the the 2-bus and make it class A. Ted, I did check out the Media 51 and I didn't get to push the automation that much. I have a session on one in ten days so I will get to really put it through its paces. Lord Alvin- I've got the SuperTrue manual somewhere and I was thinking about sending it to you if you wanted it. And JAy, thanks for the advice(Mozart experience) you were a great help.
  12. Thanks Thrill,
    I sent you a private e-mail.
  13. Hey Lord,
    How's the remixing going?
  14. One of my friend have a Mozart with all RN strips. He really likes the board sonically.

    However, he had a bit of a bad surprise when he bought the studio where it was installed. It appears there has been an issue with the first generation of RN fitted Mozarts where, because of the higher (double!) density of pcb's and components on the RN strips, there was some overheating in the board. Also, there were some not perfectly fitting edge connectors causing some interruptions in the power supplied to (and some components failures)channel strips fitted near the center of the board. (Due to some flexing of the frame or something.)

    He had to have somebody from Amek come down to retrofit a bunch of fans in the meter bridge and work a bit on the frame.

    I'm not sure this applies to later models though.

    Now, more than a year and 4 albums down the road, he is quite happy with it. I've done a couple of overdub sessions on his board and liked it but I don't have enough milage on it to formulate a definitive opinion.

    Hope that can help, good luck!

  15. Imbrye

    Imbrye Member

    I operate on my Amek Mozart with 48 MZ 15 RN installed without automation. I mainly use it as mic preamp/eq and summing mix / busses.
    Yes it heats up a lot, I have to turn on airconditioning during every session. When I don't need the whole console I turn on just one power supply for 8 channels and master section, it saves power and cooling expenses
    It gave a great sound to about 200 albums that came out from Sudestudio Italy since 2005. I love it! ;)
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  16. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Very nice.

  17. DonnyThompson

    DonnyThompson Distinguished Member

    I wonder how Joel's (@Gette ) Amek console rebuild turned out?? .... Haven't heard from him in awhile.
    I know he was making really good progress there for awhile. I wonder if he ever finished? I know the last time he posted he was pretty close to passing tones through it... Or maybe he did finally finish and I missed that post?
    I remember that he was being very diligent and detail oriented. He was giving that console a lot of love.

  18. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Apparently he is selling it and investing in a bigger one.

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