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Any suggestions for a computer recording setup under $1000

Discussion in 'Recording' started by siddler, May 17, 2011.

  1. siddler

    siddler Active Member

    Looking for advice on the Mac Mini

    I've been considering getting a Mac Mini 2011 for mostly recording purposes and I'm a total rookie with this stuff. Not the most knowledgeable of computers either so I've been taking the advice of a couple of people and websites on good PC's for recording. I'd like to save by getting a cheaper monitor and keyboard so I can get a nicer audio interface but I'm not sure if that's a good idea.

    I could also buy a less expensive computer so I can spend more on the audio related stuff. I just don't know what's compatible or what works well with the Mini (audio interface, recording software) or even if it's my best option in that price range.

    Basically I can spend $1000 and after the Mini I'll have $300 for the extras. I'd appreciate any ideas on the Mac Mini, other computers, and what kind of audio interface (has firewire ports) for under $150 (or if I should wait and pay more)? Cheers!

  2. DrummerDan

    DrummerDan Active Member

    iBuyPower. i am getting one built from them soon, and the quote was 779.00, it had a Phenom X6 SixCore processor each core being 3.7Ghz, 8GB Ram, Large upgraded motherboard with USB3,FireWire and just about everything else. 500GB built it HDD,( i have an external i would use for recording) and that all comes with Win7.

    Thats about....4X what the mini has. For 2/3 the price
  3. siddler

    siddler Active Member


    That computer sounds awesome...powerful and with lots of memory and speed! I much appreciate the info. I don't know what HDD is but I can look that up myself. It was nice to finally get a post on here. I thought I may have committed a party foul by posting this in the budget section but I figured computers run pretty expensive. That would still leave me with some room to buy an audio interface and recording software. Nice!
  4. DrummerDan

    DrummerDan Active Member

    oh hell yea! HDD = Hard Disk Drive lol dude, if you wanna add like 10$ or so you can get a case that has LEDs and stuff in it. I cant barely wait to get mine!

    but btw, you should get a little up to date with the terms bc on Ibuypower, you have to configure your own computer with what YOU want in it. but the deal is amazing i know.

    Audix DP Elite 8 : 8-piece Drum Mic Package

    ^^build off of this platform.
  5. siddler

    siddler Active Member

    Computer for gamers

    Hey there I checked out that site and it does look really cool but all the computers and accessories seem to be for gamers. Maybe this translates really well to music, I dunno. Just curious if maybe I was missing something on the website. Also, I couldn't find the computer with the x6 six core processor for under $1000. I am kinda a dumbass with this stuff so thanks for your patience. I'm getting there!
  6. DrummerDan

    DrummerDan Active Member

    to me, a fast computer is a fast computer. im not a gamer. i will never be a gamer. but i know that if a computer is fast enough to run a very CPU demanding game well, then it can run just about anything you throw at it very well.

    And ill get you the config i made just let me get a screengrab of it.
  7. DrummerDan

    DrummerDan Active Member


    the price got cut off, but it is 779.00$
  8. siddler

    siddler Active Member

    You are the man, Drummer Dan! That's my rhyme for the day. Thanks!
  9. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    You have to be careful of chipset and graphics cards for just a couple of things. NVidia Nforce chipsets can be a problem. ATI graphics can also cause stability issues. Texas Instruments FireWire chipset ONLY. TI chipsets are the only reliable firewire chipsets out there. Others may work but are often flakey. You need to consider what software and interface you plan on using as these can effect your decision greatly.

    With any interface and software you can find compatibility charts on their websites.

    You can get a good used MacBook for $600-$700. The older ones have a TI firewire chipset. You could probably get a used Mac Mini for around $300.
  10. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Wow, I'd be amazed you could get anything pro for that price. These low end systems are what gives the PC market a bad name in pro audio. I'm sure it will work for something but it won't last and it will most likely sound like a growling chimp or run hot and have all sorts of issues once you load it up. Hueseph's advice on the chipset is spot on.

    Please keep me personally informed because I am always looking to support good companies that make stable custom built PC for recording music. All my PC are well above that price. How much is Window 7 64 pro these days and a 70 watt power supply in a quiet case?
    Start there and then build it up.
  11. siddler

    siddler Active Member

    Thanks Hueseph, that's the kind of info I need to know. I initially wanted to get a laptop so I could be mobile and I looked at the macbooks but a friend told me I should get a PC so I've been looking at those. I'll keep my options open. I'm gonna go ahead and trust you and get the TI firewire as long as it's compatible with what I have. I have not been considering audio interface or software so I guess that's where I'll go next. I've been more on the analog side of recording than the digital so didn't spend time looking at the computer stuff. For $300 the mini might be the way to go so I'll have more $$ to spend on other things. But if I can't get the TI chipset on there (not sure what a chipset is) then a macbook may be better.

    audiokid I am concerned about getting a computer that I end up having a lot of complications with and that has a short life. That's why I was thinking about getting a mac but I have also read that mac's aren't what they used to be for audio recording so I just don't know for sure. I'm surely not going to be able to get "pro audio" gear on my budget but I think I can put something nice together that suits my uses.
  12. siddler

    siddler Active Member

    Just wanted to post that I looked up TI chipsets and found some good info on another forum(Dead Link Removed)
  13. DrummerDan

    DrummerDan Active Member

    you can add them in later. its just a card you can buy

    audiokid, i agree with your concern, and i did my research, it seems iBuyPower computers are very stable an very highly reviewed.

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